Saturday 23 May 2015

Hello again...........

It's been a couple of weeks since my last post and I wouldn't want you to think that I've been skiving (Dictionary- skive: to avoid school or work by staying away or leaving without permission).
The reason I've not been around is due to a bout of severe pain in my hands and fingers making blogging (and gardening and scrapping for that matter) something to avoid.
When the joints in my left foot started to hurt earlier this week a trip to my medicin traitant (GP) was called for and she confirmed my self diagnosis - I have arthritis. 
Osteo not Rheumatoid, which is a good thing. Right?
Anyway, enough whining......................
During my self imposed rest period I have been doodling around in the kitchen, trying out a few of the hundreds of recipes on Pinterest for tomato pie. 
You may remember that I enjoyed a Southern style tomato pie at Annie O's restaurant in Hilton Head earlier this Spring since when I have been trying to track down a recipe to replicate it here at home.

Many of the recipes have mayonnaise in the topping and of all the ones I tried they probably came the closest to Annie O's pie but we didn't like those, too sickly.

This one is more to our taste, it's more of a quiche though than a pie, as you can see someone couldn't wait to take a piece.

Whilst all the testing and tasting was going on the new green asparagus arrived in the Farmer's markets so I made an asparagus quiche, just for a change!

In just a couple of days I'll be off travelling once more - this time to the beautiful Ikos Oceania Resort  overlooking the beautiful blue Aegean Sea, in the heart of Halkidiki, Greece.

If you'd like to share the trip with me be sure to watch out for travel bulletins coming soon.

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Sunday 3 May 2015

cherry blossom haiku

seen through a window
cherry blossoms float across grass
drifting in corners

joining Judith @ Lavender Cottage for Mosaic Monday
with images captured through my bedroom window this weekend
and my first haiku