Sunday 9 March 2014

news from the Presbytere

I know that I've been awol (again) for some time but there's not been a lot going on around here that I consider to be "blogworthy".

the office get's emptied

into the dining room

The renovations continue but in fits and starts, no one room seems to be completely done and whilst one room is being worked on all the furniture etc. from there get's moved to another and you can never find anything or else you have to climb over or squeeze past something or other!

and into the new decorated and floored sitting room
About the only things that have remained constant are the daffodils which once again are magnificent (if I do say so myself, do you like the new blog header photo?).
my favourite miniature Cornish daffodils

Our walks on the beach are turning into an almost weekly occurrence this year.

The weather this weekend has been glorious, blue skies and sunshine, it's really been quite hot for Normandy!

So, this is all the latest from the Presbytere, I hope you enjoyed stopping by and I promise to try and get back here again soon.
à bien·tôt