Sunday 8 September 2013

Autumn days

Autumn has arrived in Normandy bringing chilly mornings, stunning sunrises, falling leaves and the last of the potager's bounty. 

Hedgerows along the lanes are laden with blackberries just waiting for me to transform them into bramble jelly.

That is if we don't eat them all as we pick, risking scratched hands and staining our mouths and fingers with the rich red juice to savor their sweetness.
If I do manage to bring some home then I have found the perfect recipe to try on BBC Food website.
Click here if you'd like to try it yourself.

Later on this week the Senior Partner and I will be leaving on a trip to the fabled Greek Island of Kos, where according to Greek mythology  Hercules, son of Zeus, took refuge after losing most of his fleet on the journey back from Troy.
We have anticipated returning to Greece for many years, a vacation to celebrate the SP's well earned retirement.

When not communing with the Gods on Mount Olympus we'll spend our days lazing by the infinity pool, being pampered in the Spa and enjoying delicious Greek specialties in one of three of the Michelangelo Hotel's restaurants.

I've heard that wifi at the hotel is very hit and miss, I'll try and post some photographs of the stunning scenery and the blue Aegean sea but in case I can't this is what it looks like!

infinity pool - Michelangelo Hotel & Spa, Kos, from the hotel's website.

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