Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Plant nursery

The weather is still playing fast & loose and making planting decisions difficult. I'm going to wait for warmer days before the tomato plants go out but I've several runner bean seedlings planted now, the yellow & green haricots have broken soil and yesterday we had baby spinach leaves from the garden in our dinner salad.

S the G was here today working on the lawns, the gardens have never looked so good before!!

The pic shows my potted seedlings in front of the house, enjoying the sunshine.

a bientot


  1. Maggie it is so nice to keep up with what you are doing in Normandy. I am enjoying each and every post. Today I plan to sow more seeds in pots, it is such fun to see them grow.

    Have a beautiful day.
    A bientot,

  2. Is this your house?? So pretty!


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