Saturday, 10 January 2009

Renard the Fox

Whilst sat quietly surfing scrappin web sites this afternoon imagine my surprise when my DH (Roger to you) came flying out of the library where he had happily been watching football to yell "There's a fox in the garden"!

After several minutes of squinting through the windows we caught another glimpse of him as he slid gracefully through the shrubbery and into the field next door.

This is a first in 12 years, we have never seen a fox before, I only hope he stays away from the pond as the moorhens are a little vulnerable at present. Everything is frozen over and they are very wary of the ice.

Stay tuned for further sightings of Monsieur Renard.

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  1. Hi
    thanks for joining our blog...i love you blog. I had a fox story also, in the 80's i lived on 13 acres in Michigan, we had a long fence line for the horses, and i used to lay out old field corn for the deers to come up. but instead the fox would fun along there every day...are you originally from America? i do love Quimper , i have a great old tile I use for a spoon rest at my stove, and some lovely plates i hung on the wall


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