Tuesday, 26 May 2009

First sighting: Fox Cub

Back in February I blogged about how thrilled we had been to spy a fox strolling along the back of the garden and I referred to it as a "he".
Well, I may have been wrong about that because just a couple of hours ago I looked up from doing household chores to see a small russet coloured animal sniffing around the back garden.
Was it a small dog er.......no.................!
It was a fox cub!
As long time dog owners we guesstimate his age to be around 3 months, which probably means the fox we spotted earlier this year was a momma.
We watched from the window for a few minutes as he ambled back towards the fields then rushed outside to see where he went. Caught up with him sitting on the compost heap watching us approach, then he turned tail and walked off into the field.
Although the grass out back is fairly tall we were able to track his progress as he followed a path of flattened grass before disappearing from view.
About an hour later the farmer who uses those fields for his cattle arrived on his tractor and commenced to cut down the long grass, probably in preparation for bringing the cows in, so I wonder if we'll see the fox cub again or if the disturbance will send him off to pastures new?
I really hope he sticks around as I would love to see him again and maybe he'll bring his brothers & sisters next time?

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  1. Hi Maggie,
    No foxes sighted in our yard this year, though I know a family lives along the creek that runs behind our property. We do have a hawk family that took up residence in one of our trees. They are so magnificent to watch as they soar across above us when we are out on the terrace. Last year there were two babies, but haven't seen any babies as yet this season.


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