Friday, 14 August 2009

We're raising the roof.................

So, Rory the roofer & his son Simon arrived on Monday morning to start work on replacing the roof. That's right, after patching and making do for the past 12 winters we're taking the old one off and putting a brand new one on and we'll look so smart when it's done.

6 tons of spanish slate, a whole forest of beams and all sorts of other accoutrements were delivered late last week, we have still to pick out the terracotta ridge tiles that will complete the look.

We didn't have long to wait before Rory discovered the first unexpected problem.
Seems a previous roofer had not weatherproofed the join between the gable end and the roof line.

Result? Years and years or rainwater seeping through had rotted the timber joists and completely loosened the large stones (quoins?) on the top of the end wall.
Off Simon went to the lumber yard to buy wood for new joists, Rory cemeted the stones back in place and by the end of the next day all was well again.
Can you say money pit?

Of course Roger is always keen to climb up the scaffold to inspect the work and have a crack with the lads.
I have been making myself useful as tea lady. White tea with one sugar for Rory and black coffee and two sugars for Simon.

They estimated that the job should take three weeks but I think it will be nearer to five, watch this space for a roof update next week.

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  1. OK, Roger, hold on tight. Don't want you tumbling off that steep perch.


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