Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Tablescape Thursday for the Over 60's.

I'm not sure if this post really qualifies for Tablescape Thursday over at Between Naps on the Porch, but I hope so.

Please join Susan our gracious hostess for more delightful tablescapes today.

When I was a little girl my Nana B belonged to the Over 60's Club. They went on coach trips, played bingo & had beetle drives. Anyone else remember those?

Imagine my horror when 2 years ago my DH became eligible to join "that Club".
In the tiny commune where we live turning 60 meant that he and his wife were invited to the annual "repas des anciens". A luncheon provided for the Over 60's in the salle communale (village hall).
Twice we made our excuses, however this year when Remy "Monsieur le Maire" arrived at our door with the invitation what could we do but accept graciously?

To our delight we had a wonderful time.

The autumnal floral decorations were unique, I think you'll agree.The walking stick arrangement was perhaps a tongue in cheek homage to the occasion?

The excellent seven course luncheon was catered by a local traiteur and the ladies of the village led by the Maire's wife were superb hostesses, anticipating our every need.

Kir Royal et ses toasts assortis
Coupe de crevettes
Saint Pierre a l'oseille au riz
Trou Normand et son sorbet
Rôti de boeuf et ses accompagnements
Effeuillée de saison
Plateau de Fromages
Pêché mignon au coulis de fraise
Corbeille de fruits
Cafe - vin fins

By the way I recently posted about a 3 hour lunch that we enjoyed by the sea, the oldies lunch began at 12.30pm and we were the first to leave at 6.00pm.

I hope you have enjoyed this glimpse into the social life of a rural Normandy village, we certainly had fun.

à bien tôt


  1. Oh Maggie it sounds like you had a ball!! I have that to look forward to next year when I am 60 in the Summer!!

    Although I think 50 is the new 60 in some places in the UK now. We have a diamond card which allows us a two course lunch for about £6.00 each in certain pub restaurants at lunchtime, Monday to Fridays!!

    As the French know a thing or two about food, cooking and drinking
    ( I am biased, my mothers family owned a French restaurant in London in the 40's and 50's)I can imagine the long lunch!!


  2. Maggie, thanks for the glimpse into the life in Normandy, where people still take time to enjoy things. I enjoyed it as you might imagine.

  3. Hello Maggie~ ~It looks like you had a wonderful lunch. I love the table setting with the runner down the center nothing fancy but very down home simple. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Lovely! Those shrimp are scrumptious! What a fun party....I can belong to it in another year, LOL!....Christine

  5. How very lovely!! You reminded me of when I turned 50 and received an AARP invitation in the mail...nothing like rubbing it in. This looks like it was just a wonderful dinner and I don't know about you, but intend to take full advantage of the perks that age brings.
    ♥, Susan

  6. What a lovely event! Thanks for sharing and have a great day!

  7. Pretty table and we ALL will get to that 'club' someday! Thanks for sharing your visit.

  8. Hi Maggie...

    My friend, I loved seeing and reading about your "Over 60" luncheon! Yes, I do believe that life is different in many ways in your Normandy! So many in the states just live way to fast! Of course, I am a simple country girl and life is much simpler and slower here...which I am thankful for! I'm so glad that you shared your special luncheon with sounds divine! I mean...Ohhhh my goodness...a seven course meal??? I don't believe that I've ever had the pleasure or experience of a seven course meal! I really enjoyed your photos...thank you so much for sharing them with us today!

    Warmest wishes,
    Chari the way, I loved the pretty autumnal floral arrangement made with the cane...too cute! Hehe!

  9. It looks like my kind of social event! I think I'd really like your little neck of the woods.

  10. My mouth is watering at the site of those jumbo shrimp! What a lovely occasion & how wonderful to celebrate hitting such a milestone with your community. Many are not so fortunate.

    Thank you for sharing this tidbit of culture from your "Normandy Life".

  11. Maggie, your pictures are simply delightful! I truly enjoyed them.


  12. Maggie, what a fun idea. The food looked delicious and the arrangement with the cane was most clever. Thanks for sharing a bit of the village social life. ~ Sarah

  13. wow , 7 courses!! looks like it would be great and great fun. I probably couldn't eat much of it since I am mostly VEGAN ! ha!

    my house blog is spindle cottage!

  14. Looks like a great time! I love your fall displays, too. :)

    have a great weekend!


    P.S. It's a Wonderful Life is one of my all time favorite movies, too. I have 3 signs/plaques in my house that have those very words.

  15. Oh quite beautiful -- looks like a wonderful lunch.


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