Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Vintage Thingies Thursday.

Today I’m joining hostess Colorado Lady, Suzanne at her “Vintage Thingies Thursday” party, for the first time.

This fabulous retro button has been calling to me for weeks now and she always has great vintage treasures to share, click here to check it out.

So, here’s the thing......................I found these four wonderful antique photocards several years ago, at a house clearance in Bavaria, Germany.

The little girl is so pretty and just look at those waists. I’ve often wondered who they were and what their lives must have been like.

My favourite is the one I call “White Lady with Parasol”, she reminds me of a painting, by John Singer Sargent, that I saw last year in the Dallas Museum of Art.

I’m ashamed to tell you that for almost twenty years they have lived in a drawer because I cannot decide what to do with them!!

I would love to be able to display them so that the backs are not hidden, but how to show them at their best, that’s the question.

So, talented ladies & gentlemen, fellow members of blogland, come on and inspire me!
Leave me a comment with your idea, I can’t wait to read what you all come up with and just to make life a little more interesting, everyone who leaves a comment will have the chance to win a little gift from me.
I’m thinking something vintage (ish), probably European, quite possibly Quimper, maybe shabby but most definitely chic.
3 days after this post (Sunday 13th September) all the names will go into a hat and “the senior partner” here at the Presbytere will draw out the name of the winner, and as a little extra treat if I use your idea you’ll get a prize too when I have completed the project and blog about it, d’accord?

à bien tôt


  1. I think you could display them in little place card holders like we would set on a table. A plain wire one would look best. Perhaps they could be hand made so you could have them at varying heights.

  2. My first thought would be to either put them in two sided glass, framed together, or less expensively, in laminate.

    Most interesting Maggie.

  3. Hi Maggie,

    You know I love old photo's and postcards. I lay them on tables, tuck into frames, mirrors, etc.

    They are lovely and quite a treasure.


  4. welcome to VTT Maggie :) i love old postcards & yours are truly delightful!..if they were mine i would place them in duo hinged doubled sided glass frames [which can be opened or closed]& i would proudly diplay them on my vintage sideboard :) cheers, Marian

  5. Do you remember in Philly we visited a collection where the interesting reverse of pair of faience pieces was displayed by virtue of having them in front of a Quimper mirror.
    It looked lovely

  6. they are beautiful photos...little treasure pieces of history.

    i would put one or two in an old english toaster rack and put the others in flower frogs.

    these are pretty easily found on ebay

    it would be perfection ;)

    your home sounds so dreamy and romantic! i would love to visit that country side some day~


  7. I think the flower frog idea is most practical if you want to leave them out in the open.

  8. My first thought was putting each in a two-sided glas frame, attach chain and hang from the ceiling, then attach a second. I would do 2 rows. You could decide if you wanted to attach the chain at the bottom or have them dangle. I was thinking if you had an open area/window area or bigger- like between your kitchen and living room, so you could see both sides.

    The second thought was to make two sides glass coasters. I haven't decided what you would use on top of the glass to set the cup on that would absorb the liquid and still be able to see the image.

    With the same idea of doing the coasters you could make bookends. Make the bookend with a slot for the 2 sided glass to slide into and switch them from time to time.


  9. Welcome to VTT!! What a great post...I think using them in a frog for display would be great. I love all your postcards..get them out and enjoy them. Have a great VTT and a wonderful weekend.

  10. Wow - - - look at the posture of that standing lady!!!

  11. Maggie, these are wonderful old photos. It does make one wonder who these ladies are and what their lives were like. This idea is not my original idea, but one that a close friend did for her son's wedding rehearsal dinner. She put wedding photos of all the family: grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. They were framed in the sweetest two-sided glass frames which were edged in copper. Then she hung these on little metal trees for the center piece at each table. You'd have to find frames the size of these photos. I think Nancy had copies made of her photos so they were all the same size and fit the frames she wanted to use. But you could do the same kind of idea with what ever frame you decided to use. I'll send you a photo. Great post! ~ Sarah

  12. I don't know what kinds of furniture you have but if you have a table, coffee table, or even a behind the sofa(console table or a kitchen island that you could have a piece of glass cut to go over the top. you can slide all kinds of pictures under to display and then be able to change out for others.....The other idea would be to make copies the same size as a multi paned vintage or antique window and tuck them into this and then hang the window to display.

  13. So lovely! I've not looked for two sided glass frames (with matte board?) but they must exist. then they would be protected from dust. I wonder what their names were?

  14. Idea No 2 :-) Scan the reverse of each picture, print out on good quality paper (possibly creamy in tone) buy double mounts to suit and fit the front of the postcard and the print side by side or above and below each other, then frame to suit.
    If you could find an old Victorian photo album with just a few good pages with two suitable spaces for mounts it would look great, or I think I know someone who could paint or draw something in that style for you :-)

  15. Welcome to VTT, Maggie! I like Lori's idea of the place card holders, you can easily make them yourself with wire and cork or wood. If you want them in frames, you could take a photo of the front (I think it might work better than the back)and then put them in double-matted frames side by side. With today's technology, a copy of an old photo looks just the same. That's what I do for my scrapbooking of old family photos.

  16. It may be you first VTT, but you sure picked the right thing. Those are great vintage cards. Nice job, and join us again.

  17. Wonderful vintage photos! Welcome to VTT! The all glass framing seems to me the easiest and a very elegant way to display both sides-but I would check with a framer whether moisture could be trapped.

  18. I'd find an old antique cabinet card and display them as a photo album. I love the look of antique photo albums and the glory is, with the mats, you can see both sides. I found one on Etsy and cannot wait to use it! It's a bit worn and that makes it even better:)
    Whatever you decide, the photocards are divine. People just seemed to have much more revealing faces then, for some odd reason.

  19. I love old cabinet cards and you have some very nice ones. The backs of the cards are small pieces of art in and of themselves.
    I don't have too much more to add to what the other bloggers have suggested.
    I have several cabinet cards that I have framed and hung on my "family wall". I didn't have frames that were a perfect match to the size of the cards but I chose old vintage frames that I found at thrift stores, flea markets etc. and used vintage-looking scrapbook paper to back the photos. You can't see the back of the cards but they were displayed and protected.
    Look forward to seeing what you do with your lovely ladies!


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