Sunday, 29 November 2009

Oh! the weather outside is frightening...............

The weather here in our small corner of Normandy has been really strange these past few days.
Gales, lashing rain and cold with it, flooding in the fields and our garden ponds are overflowing. It's the sort of weather we expect... in January & February, not in November!!
On Friday we had to chauffeur (ORIGIN late 19th cent.(in the general sense [motorist] ): from French, literally ‘stoker’ (by association with steam engines), from chauffer ‘to heat.’—Oxford Dictionary ) Mr Ben to the "Salon de toilettage canin" for his 9.00 am appointment.

The weather turned very nasty as we left the house and soon we were driving through hail which quickly turned into a deluge of ice, very scary.

Don't be fooled by the greenery that you can see in the above mosaic, that's mistletoe which sadly has invaded our ancient apple tree. I'll be blogging more about that for Outdoor Wednesday.
By lunchtime the storm had blown away to be replaced by sunshine & blue skies.
My mosaics today are of trees in our back garden, now stripped of almost every last leaf due to the gales, I found the natural light to be quite amazing.
Please join me in visiting Mary @ The Little Red House for Mosaic Monday, I wonder how many Christmas Mosaics there'll be?


  1. Scary weather here too, VERY heavy rain overnight plus thunder, everything is sodden, but we get odd bright patches of sunshine.....

    It's a stay inside day today so I have made 'rough puff pastry' for the first time in years and we are having sausage rolls for lunch, then later we are testing out the new mini tart tin for our mini mince poor waistline :-)

  2. Gay,
    We are living in an almost parallel universe. I've just made a large custard tart for tea this afternoon. The bad weather brings out the Delia in me.

  3. Hi Maggie we have the same atrocious weather here in Surrey UK!! I have just come back from a lovely Christmas Fair in Savill Garden(near Windsor) and the journey home was quite frightening especially as some drivers don't slow down when the weather is so bad!!Now I am home it has stopped, typical!! Jackie.

  4. Rain, rain and more rain here in the Pacific northwest - but that's our November every year. I'll have to get out into the wet woods this afternoon to pick out the greens for the advent wreath if I'm to make it before dinner this evening - and I'm determined!

  5. Hi Maggie, we too are expecting rain today, and it's in the forecast for the next three days. We can use the moisture, but please no hail storms. Like you, we know all too well about how severe weather can denude our wonderful old trees. The photos are stunning as always. Love your mosaics. I'm off to the garden to plant more cyclamen before the rain starts.
    Have a great day! ~ Sarah

  6. I think anywhere north of the Equator is pretty gray and wet right now.
    We have discovered we have a leak in our roof. That means tarps until the rains are done in late spring before they can work on it. Yuck.

  7. Maggie, I love mistletoe, but it's always too high to get to here. I know it's parasite but it is pretty at Christmas. Sorry about the inclement, to say the least, weather. Today is chilly but sunny here in the southeast . Sending sunshine your way and wishing you a great Sunday evening.

  8. Sounds like horrific weather, Maggie...I am okay indoors but I would be terribly frightened driving in it. Yesterday we had sunshine and warm temps (very odd for the Midwest in November) and today is rain and cold. Sigh.

    Very interested in hearing about the mistletoe!!


  9. Dreadful weather here too. We have had rain for days. The days are so dark. Hopefully it will get better soon.

  10. When I said the mistletoe was high, I should have said, "too high up in the tree", I don't know where one can even buy it.

  11. LOL Jackie, We went to the same fair at Savill last year and only gave it a miss this year as we went to a more local event last week (now have enough chutney for a year !) Loved the olive stand but they are probably the most expensive olives in the world :-)

  12. Hi Maggie,
    Nice trees mosaic.
    Oui, ici aussi dans le sud des Yvelines le temps est pourri ces derniers jours mais malgré tout chaque saison a son charme et la fin d'automne et le début de l'hiver nous permettent de contempler les arbres dénudés et d'en admirer leur ramure.
    Bonne semaine

  13. I enjoyed your lovely mosaics even though your weather is frightful. Here in Southern California we could sure USE some of that 'wet stuph' but I understand how scary such weather can be. Hope everyone is safe.
    Hugs and blessings,
    My Colorful Sunset Mosaic

  14. The light is wonderful in your photos! Have a great week!

  15. Your tree mosaics are so pretty, well done! We are having the cold rain today. At least it waited until the weekend was over.

  16. oh my! It sounds so COLD! I saw that mistletoe right away. My father was in Germany for 3 years when I was 10-12 yrd old and I used to go climbing in the apple trees and around Christmas we'd cut down the mistletoe for my mother. She make a big ball and tie it over the door with gold ribbon!

  17. Oh, those are beautiful pictures. We have a typical subdivision (square) yard, and I'm sorry to say, we don't have a single tree in the backyard. Hopeufully we can rememdy that this spring!

  18. Wow, it must have been very scary weather but it sure made for some beautiful pictures! Thanks so much, Maggie, for sharing your lovely images at MM. :)


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