Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Outdoor Wednesday and Mistletoe

It’s time for Outdoor Wednesday once again hosted by Susan @ A Southern Daydreamer who last week announced “Starting next week…. and going through the end of December…. I am going to include/encourage everyone to share their outdoor AND indoor Christmas decorations for Outdoor Wednesdays. Greenery in the form of trees, wreaths and garland are from outside…… and they are inside for the holidays… yes, I am stretching the definition of Outdoor Wednesday…. but I can!!!”
On Monday I mentioned our ancient apple tree now totally overwhelmed by mistletoe, which despite looking so pretty and being steeped in tradition, is a parasite,

Click here for another OW post that mentions mistletoe.

From my V&A Christmas list book today: A Christmas greetings card and decorating tips from (Victorian) Cassell’s Family Magazine and a verse from Sir Walter Scott.

The damsel donned her kirtle sheen
The hall was dressed with holly green
Forth to the wood did merry-men go,
To gather in the mistletoe.
Sir Walter Scott.

There are more interesting facts (!) about mistletoe here.
"From the centre of the ceiling of this kitchen, old Wardle had just suspended with his own hands a huge branch of mistletoe, and this same branch of mistletoe instantaneously gave rise to a scene of general and most delightful struggling and confusion; in the midst of which, Mr. Pickwick, with a gallantry that would have done honour to a descendant of Lady Tollimglower herself, took the old lady by the hand, led her beneath the mystic branch, and saluted her in all courtesy and decorum."
--The Pickwick Papers


  1. Another wonderful post. Love how I learn something each time I read yours. Have a wonderful week.


  2. Not only great photos, but you've really given me an education on mistletoe! Loved this post.

    My O W is now posted. Today a slide show of us attending the famous Texas King Ranchhand Breakfast. Come see a bit of 'history' if you can.

    It's Here

  3. What a great post -- and even though mistletoe is a parasite -- it must be amazing seeing it grow -- I'm not sure I've seen real mistletoe -- only the plastic variety!

  4. What great info. on mistletoe! It's a shame it's a parasite growing on the apple tree....both are so pretty. Too bad they can't coexist! I always love your pictures.
    Happy Wednesday.

  5. Good Morning, Maggie! Now, this is such an interesting post on mistletoe. I have really learned something today. Thank you!

    I can't think of mistletoe without thinking of my father who always took a rifle with him to shoot some out of the top of the trees. He was a big believer in mistletoe (our house was never without it growing up), and I think this year I might just follow in his footsteps. You inspired me.

    Happy Outdoor Wed!


    Sheila :-)

  6. Love it Maggie, why does something so pretty have to be destructive? If I could reach it here, I would gather all I could to use in decorating at Christmas.

  7. Another very interesting post! We see mistletoe here, but not as much as you do, I'd think. There's always a sprig hanging near the front door at Christmas time, and I remember thinking, as a girl, that it was my luck never to be kissed except by my dad and mum!

  8. Lovely mosaic and photos. Fascinating information about Mistletoe ... I had no idea! Thanks for sharing ;-)
    Hugs and blessings,
    My Outdoor Wednesday

  9. Wonderful photo of your mistletoe, it's like ivy...beautiful but it can be so detrimental!!!

  10. I wondered where mistletoe was grown!! I enjoy finding out new things from your posts! And I love the verse.

    Happy Wednesday!! :-)


  11. Maggie, another beautiful post. It is a shame that mistletoe is so destructive. Thanks for sharing all this interesting information. I love seeing the pages from your V&A book. What a delight! ~ Sarah

  12. Oh,Maggie..what a perfectly lovely tribute to that unfortunately damaging mistletoe! The photos are lovely, the prose and poetry historic and apt..and just the thing to include on a page for the Quimper Club with our mistletoe items..we could all contribute photos..you have mine of the covered butter dish.
    Beautiful blog! Hugs..

  13. Great Post! I think mistletoe is beautiful, my brother used to bring it home to decorate with, while hunting , he would shoot it out of the tree.

  14. Oooh lots of kissing going on at your house.

  15. I love this post!
    Charming, informative, and fun. Thank you!
    I used to hang real mistletoe, until I had kids and dogs and was afraid of its falling and being consumed!

    I am fascinated by the pictures of it growing in your apple tree. Wonderful.

  16. A great post and info on the mistletoe. Great photos and I love your snowman header picture.

  17. I love to have a 'kissing ball' or bunch of real mistletoe in the house for the holidays - need to go to the garden center as I don't have a shotgun around to shoot it down from the local trees!!

    Thanks for the story and verse. BTW, great snowman on your banner.

  18. I didn't know any of that about mistletoe...interesting stuff. I don't think I've ever seen real mistletoe. Just the fake plastic ball my mom hung on the door jam between the dining and family rooms growing up :)

  19. Maggie, I just saw that you visited me. So I wanted to come and see you, too. It sounds so romantic when you say you are in Normandy! I am planning a trip to France in October- Paris primarily and I would love to get out to the area of Provence.
    Your blog is beautiful and informative. I am going to follow you! You will be my English/French blogging friend! I am very glad I met you!

  20. i have seen mistletoe high up in some trees occasionally, but didn't realize it was a "parasite." :( it's still lovely. great post!

  21. I had no idea about Mistletoe. My Mom always hung some at Christmas in the archway of our living room.

  22. Great photos and information on mistletoe.

    Take care,

  23. Hi Maggie,

    Lovely post. If I could visit daily, I would learn so much.
    Have a wonderful weekend.


  24. Enjoying your posts about mistletoe too!


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