Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Oh no! More snow for Outdoor Wednesday.

I suppose since the UK is under a thick blanket of snow and has practically ground to a halt with roads, airports & schools closed all over the country, train & bus services totally disrupted and people being advised to stay at home and only call on emergency services for REAL emergencies that here, in Northern France, it was to be expected that we were likely to get a sprinkling too.
But this morning, we woke up to this..................................

The blue tinted photos were taken around 8.00 am in the back garden.

The monochrome (ish) pix were taken from my bedroom window about an hour later.

Susan @ A Southern Dreamer is once again graciously hosting her Outdoor Wednesday gathering and guess what it's snowing over there too. In Georgia? Go see for yourself I didn't believe it either!
The sun is now out and it looks like we could have blue skies and sunshine later, so, I think I'll be out playing in the snow today and taking more photogaphs.


  1. It's all pretty...but, I 'hate' snow! Y'know?----that hedge looks like it'd be a lot of work in the summer keeping it trimmed an all---that too is pretty.


  2. Over a foot of snow in the Thames Valley, everything has ground to a halt, roads closed etc and it's still snowing and the shys are leaden :-(

  3. Yes, fresh fallen snow is beautiful but the mess of the melt afterwards is equally as ugly! We always like to see at least one good snow and a burst of cold weather to kill out unwanted pesky critters like sand fleas that take over during the summer!

    Your pics are so pretty!

  4. When you are on the inside looking out snow is beautiful!

    Winter on the prairie is usually brown and if we have snow it's gone by week's end.

    We got our first snow (ice actually) on Christmas Eve -- we've nto seen the ground since and it is snowing again -- and very cold!

    It's like a real winter!

  5. We got over a foot of snow last weekend, AFTER I'd made my 3 day drive back from the midwest (with Jackson of course) to Boston. I LOVE snow: it is beautiful, and quiet when it falls, and makes evrything look clean and tidy. Plus, having grown up in the mountains, it reminds me of my youth! Luckily I enjoy snow sports so am very happy!

  6. It is beautiful Maggie, I do hope it doesn't prevent people from getting where they need to go. I know several who are planning to go to the appearances at Earl's Court this week end.


  7. Untouched snow look so beautiful! Stay warm, Maggie! Thanks for coming by. I don't think we will lose the view even if a home is built on the other side of the creek because there are a lot of trees in between us. We might get a glimpse of his house in the winter after the leaves have fallen but we probably won't even see it during the other 3 seasons....Christine

  8. I don't envy you your snow at all! We have rain and more rain, but as I keep saying 'You don't have to shovel it.'
    I hope it melts quickly, but in the meantime you'll have a very pretty view!

  9. So pretty. We have snow here. When it snows it gives me more of an incentive to get things done inside:)We still have a couple more months of the fluffiness left.
    Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

  10. The lawn hose looks so confused all covered with snow. The blueishness of early morning snow is lovely.
    The cross leaning against something in your monochromatic picture reminds me you live in an oooold presbytery...there would be wonderful things like that about.
    Keep warm~

  11. Your pictures are just beautiful, Maggie. Snow always makes everything look so tranquil. I love it.

    I read about the UK this morning and it is very upsetting. Nothing like not being prepared for the worst. I so feel for these people and hope that everyone stays safe.

    I enjoyed your post. Happy Outdoor Wednesday!


  12. It's like a winter paradise! Lovely to look at.

    On the other hand, I hope it doesn't make it to Florida. We have many crops, citrus and otherwise, that would be at risk. So we are hoping the artic blast goes elsewhere. :-)

    Be safe in all of that snow, and stay warm...


    Sheila :-)

  13. Oops... almost forgot to wish you...

    Happy Outdoor Wednesday!


    Sheila :-)

  14. It looks like a lot of cold and snow in unexpected places. It's interesting to visit everyone today to see what nature is bringing to their part of the world. Thanks for sharing...
    Living it up at Lakewood,

  15. I am so glad we were skipped by the snow this year in southern British Columbia.
    It looks pretty but in cities with lots of hills and wet snow it creates traffic mayhem.
    At our cabin it gets much colder and you can actually sweep the snow with a broom. It is like styrofoam pellets.

  16. The Ozarks average high temp this time of year is 42. Yesterday morn it was -10. We have a snowstorm moving in this evening and then the temps are suppose to drop. Yep, to -12 to -20 by the weekend. That's not all folks they've added 40mph winds. Ooooh baby, I am sooo not a snowbunny!

    You keep warm and cozy and may God richly bless ya!!!

  17. We might get some more of this lovely white stuff tonight.

    I happen to like it, so no complaints from me!

  18. It is quite lovely -- as long as you don't have to get anywhere -- goes perfectly with my tablescape today -- thanks for your sweet visit -- you're welcome to my table anytime!

  19. I love snow--makes everything seem so still and so fresh.

  20. No snow here and I would welcome some. I love the way it brightens the landscape in these dark winter days. And tramping about in the snow is fun!

    Beautiful photos.

  21. Oh how beautiful! We've had good bits of snow here. I'm not tired of it yet...still seems magical to awaken to the quiet hush.

    By mid February, though, I'm ready for the beach!

  22. Beautiful captures. I love the snow though I live in the tropics:)
    Happy outdoor!

    Cheers and regards.


  23. OMG, I can't believe the weather in England, snow and more snow and much more on the way. Looking at the South Devon temps. it's record cold......I must call my cuz today and make sure they're OK. I heard Gatwick is closed.

    Meanwile, your pretty snow looks manageable right now, so hope you are not blanketed by too much more. Glad you have Marc to plow you out.......daily bread is so important.

    I answered your chandelier question in my comments - thanks for stopping by Maggie.

    Enjoy the snow - we may get some tonight!

  24. What wonderful photographs. The snow adds a beautiful touch to an already gorgeous landscape. I love your blog, Maggie. I'll be back often.


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