Sunday, 21 February 2010

Le Beau Moulin

We ventured into new territory for our Sunday walk, even though it isn't too far from us we had never come across this tiny hamlet with the old watermill and rushing stream before.
The house bears the VMF plaque, Vieilles maisons françaises (Old French Houses) which we also didn't know about.

The purpose of VMF is the preservation, protection and enhancement of french heritage and it's architectural environment (source Wikipedia).

I wonder if they would be interested in our Old French House??

Maybe that way we would be able to discover it's history, since we only have a very sketchy idea so far.
Head over to Mary's the little red house for Mosaic Monday, IMHO one of the most interesting blogs in blogland.


  1. What a great picture Maggie. You have a beautiful house and it would indeed be nice for you to know more about its passd.
    Have a wonderful Monday

  2. Morning Maggie

    That looks a lovely place to have a ramble, was there a bar there for afternoon tea /un café !!??

    It is a shame that houses don't come with a History book that each owner can add to during their time there. Do any of the locals know much about the presbytère?


  3. What an idyllic place for a ramble. Beautiful mosaics too.

  4. Morning!

    What a beautiful walk you had. Your home is beautiful.

    Taking it easy today. We shall just see where the day takes us.


  5. I think I would be out walking more if I had that beautiful area to walk around. We got more snow yesterday so I spent the day inside.
    Love your home!

  6. Thanks for pointing me to Monday Mosaic. I posted my first entry this week and am planning lots more. Like the idea behind your second picture particularly with the little photo on top of a neon'ed (?) one

  7. Imagine having such an historic area for your walk!
    I'm sure it would be interesting to delve more into the history of your house - somehow I have a feeling that this is going to happen soon.
    *sigh* I am trying to figure out mosaics, but until I do I'll just have to read the mosaic blogs and *sigh*

  8. You know how I love seeing more of Normandy Maggie, this was no exception. Maybe you could be assisted by this with your home. I hope so.

  9. A wonderful mosaic Maggie...what a gorgeous house!!!

  10. It must have been a beautiful walk. Your home is lovely and I can see where you'd like to know the history it carries with it. Have a wonderful day.

  11. What a very beautiful house. I love stone buildings. Thank you so much for showing us!

  12. Such a pretty little stream and waterfall. I bet the VMF would be interested in your house!

  13. Gorgeous old house! Very pretty mosaic.

  14. Maggie, what a fun discovery! I can't wait to walk these paths with you!

  15. Love it all so much - your house is just amazing. I may just sneak a peek.......when I eventually get to Normandy - just don't set your doggies on me please!!!!


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