Sunday, 14 February 2010

Mosaic Monday following PJ's Thursday

It's O.K. you can open your eyes now, I haven't created a mosaic of me in my PJ's!
After spending Thursday literally in p.j's and staying warm by a log fire, Friday found me in need of a brisk walk in the snowy sunshine, so I grabbed Mr Ben & a leash and off we went, snapping pix around the village.
It is pretty isn't it but oh! I am longing for Spring.
I'm heading over to Mary's littleredhouse for Mosaic Monday as there's sure to be lots of pretty spring flowers there to start the week with a smile, so why don't you take a peek too?
Leave me a comment first though so that I know which randonneurs took a stroll with me today.
According to Simon @ TravelMail -"The French term for rambler is 'randonneur' - so much more romantic and rugged than the English word, which conjures up images of Reader's Digest types in search of the nearest Cotswolds tea room."
Click here to read his article about walking in the French Pyrenees.
Don't forget that the Quimper Club International blog is celebrating it's 1st birthday today with the 150th post and there is a fabulous heart shaped pendant necklace being given away.
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  1. Ah the snow is lovely from a distance! Looks like a nice brisk walk!

  2. Morning Maggie

    I didn't realise you still had so much snow around. We are forecast it for today and tomorrow!!

    What is wrong with having a "ramble" and a tea in a Cotswold tearoom as long as it is not Bourton on the Water which is too commercialised???


  3. Hi Maggie . Great mosaic of your putdoor pictures. Still lots of snow there I can see. We had snow yesterday but I believe today there won´t be any. Just a little frost. Have a nice day

  4. Lovely wintry scenes and photos from your walk! Have a great week.

  5. Those are such beautiful charming pics! Cindy

  6. Beautiful! I wish I could paint a picture of it- that little housy thing especially.

  7. With that kind of scenery I'd be snapping pictures left and right..I'll have to settle down and learn to make mosaics - they look like fun. There must be a tutorial somewhere.
    You are still in the grip of winter, I see. It's truly spring here, so don't bother packing a coat when you come!

  8. I'm with you on looking forward to spring but you still found beauty even on these cold winter days. ~Jeanne

  9. You gave me my chuckle for the day, sweetpea! LOL and Hah. Okay, is that mosaic of images on your property? Beautiful images.

  10. Oh, Maggie there is nothing like a jammie day. It is so cold here in Florida I wish I had a fireplace.

    Beautiful pictures and stunning mosaics.


  11. Hi Maggie. Part of me is ready for spring, but then I know that a hot summer is sure to follow all too soon. So for now, I'm enjoying to colder weather. We don't have snow though, and that makes a huge difference. Guess it's a trade off, snow for triple digits!
    Lovely mosaic. I felt like I had a delightful walk in the crunchy snow. Love the term "randonneur". Thanks for sharing the article.
    Stay warm and cozy. ~ Sarah

  12. Lovely pics of the snow. We have snow, too, in Georgia. I know I'm crazy, but I'm enjoying winter. Our summers are so steamy and humid that I don't want to hurry them in. Linda

  13. Maggie, I can't get to Normandy but you do a great job bringing it to me. Can just imagine you and Ben out on your walk in that beautiful countryside.

    All best,

  14. I love the mosaic of you beautiful outdoor pictures. I haven't had a jammie day in years, I think I might deserve one soon. The snow is flyin' here in the Ozarks, it's been snowin' for three weeks. I'm so ready for and EARLY SPRING!!! Sorry, I'll use my inside voice now.

    You take care and have a richly blessed day sweet one!!!

  15. Your little corner of the world is so beautiful. I love going on walks with you! The weathervane is great! :-)

  16. What a beautiful walk..
    Have a wonderful week .
    hugs, Cherry

  17. Nice place for a rambling stroll. And I love your blog background.

  18. What a charming scene - lovely place for a walk!

  19. GORGEOUS pictures!
    Stop by sometime, if you can!
    Tales from Bloggeritaville

  20. How beautiful ... snow and the sound of water ... lovely!

  21. Love your photos. I had a jammie day last week. We all need one once in a while!

  22. Oh Maggie, you live in such a beautiful spot! Thanks so much for sharing at MM. :)

    Oh, and when do we get to see the PJ's? ;)


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