Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Alphabe-Thursday: I is for Ivy

In Blogland, Thursday means it's time to hand in our assignments to Mrs Matlock for Alphabe-Thursday where this week we are learning about the letter I.
I'm having a small tea party here at the Presbytère, after school, won't you stay and have some tea?
The table is already laid with an assortment of green and white dishes, including some with an ivy decor.
That means.......I is for Ivy.
The tea service with ivy decoration is marked Porcelaine de Paris, Limoges. I also used some Applebee Collection plates, designed for the Royal Horticultural Society.

The centrepiece tablecloth is embellished with Belgian lace and the china eggs are souvenirs of a trip to Singapore. Dark green grosgrain ribbon decorates the plain white napkins and holds your cake fork.

I made some simple lemon biscuits and decorated them with lemon Icing and slivers of preserved lemon.
Do you take milk in your tea or do you prefer lemon?
As a special treat we have handmade macarones: chocolate, citron and pistachio and precious little chocolate eggs however, they came from the local pâtisserie!
I brought the pot of mini daffodils in from the garden to add a touch of springtime to the table.

I found the Meissen like figurines at the auction house in Bayeux, I think they are by Samson, Paris but can't be sure. They make learning look like fun!

I've so enjoyed having you to tea today and hope you'll call again soon.


  1. What a lovely I post Maggie.I love lemon in my tea please. I love your china. I have my Ivy tea and coffee service from Wedgwood.Never thought about the English name of it.Have a nice day

  2. I love the tea table, hopefully I will join you there one day!!! Of course the next letter of the alphabet will be easy, Jackie

  3. Maggie, you have so many fine pieces! Are there no klutzes in your family? Does not one spill coffee or tea on your lace or chip your dishes?

    My family, bless their hearts, always seem to bump, bruise, break or stain things.....I love them, but they have me cautious about what I use when they are all present!

  4. Your table looks so nice with the Ivy dishes and all the accessories.

  5. Your ivy table was perfect for alphabe-Thursday. You must have traveled all over the world (the eggs are a souvenir from Singapore).
    Your lemon biscuits look delicious!!

  6. Hi Maggie, love your pretty table and thanks for your sweet comment. I've become a follower so we can keep up with each other:)

  7. I love ivy. In fact in the room I'm in right now, I have an ivy border at the top of the walls. Great table set too. I wish I could come and enjoy it.

  8. Actually, no milk or lemon in my tea! Just sugar. Two lumps. :-)

    Beautiful, beautiful pictures!

  9. So pretty! Looks like a very interesting tea party! Wish I could be there! lol

    Happy Thursday!

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  10. Oh, how I wish I were coming to you for tea. It's looks simply lovely. Thank you for showing us, Maggie!

  11. Oh, Maggie, I love everything about this tea table you've graciously set for us. I'll take my tea just as is, thank you. And I'll have seconds of those lemon biscuits, please.

  12. gorgeous and totally in keeping with st paddy's day :D

  13. Maggie, what a delightful spring tea table. The 'biscuits' look delicious, what we would call cookies, and the daffodils give such a nice touch of spring. I like your figurine too.

    Surely wish I could 'pop in' for tea.

  14. Thanks so much for the tea and lady those biscuts.....OOoooo they look mighty tasty. Your tables is simply charming and very inviting.

    You have yourself a glorious day, sweetie!!!

  15. What a lovely and intriquing post for the letter "I"!

    I so enjoyed your table setting and refreshments!

    Someday I want to try those macarons. I keep seeing them in pictures!

    A+ for a delightful letter "I" post!

  16. What a lovely table you've set for us today! I love the china, it's just beautiful. And a lemon biscuit sounds wonderful right now. Kathy

  17. Wow, everything looks so beautiful .

  18. your table is devine, those biscuts and macaroons look so yummy, and milk in my tea please!

  19. Hi Maggie,

    You set a very inviting table. Just beautiful. All the treats look delish. Those lemon biscuits have my name all over them.

    Big hugs,

  20. I would love to attend your tea party then you can come to the Tennessee mountains and I will make you sweet potato pie, pimento cheese finger sandwichs, fruit mint tea and pecan tarts! Thank you for sharing part of where you live!

  21. What a lovely, welcoming table - so much thoughtfulness and beauty in each and every detail.

  22. What a wonderful Ivy tea time.Thank you for inviting!

  23. Maggie,

    Beautiful table. I will have milk in my tea, please. I have been wanting some daffodils but there haven't been any at the market. They do not grow in Florida.

    Love your dishes and the figurines are wonderful.


  24. Good Morning Maggie,

    I am glad that I didn't miss the tea party! I love your "I" post for Ivy today. Those dishes are perfect to set the scene.

    My daffodils are making a show here at the farmhouse but I am not sure if the dogwood is going to pull thru the terrible winter that we have had. I will be so sad if it doesn't make it!

    Thanks for the lovely tea today!

    Have a great weekend.

  25. I'm trying to imagine living near to a patisserie....bliss!
    During my little time away I visited lots of antique shops and saw a fair amount of Quimperware. I resisted the urge to buy, thinking 'I'll just pop over to Maggie's site and have a browse when I need to see Quimperwar!'

  26. I love your pretty green ivy plates on your tea table! And the cookies look delicious!

  27. i like my tea with a spot of milk please.
    love your table setting...
    now pardon me, while i make myself a cuppa

  28. it all looks so pretty...I have always loved a nice Ivy pattern....

  29. Lovely tea and setting! Yumm...I'd love one of your lemon biscuits!

    Blessings & Aloha!
    (still trying to catch up on all the wonderful "I" posts!)


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