Sunday, 25 April 2010

Cows & Calves in Calvados, Normandy.

Today heralded the start of the vide grenier season in the Calvados region and so early this morning Mr B and I headed to a nearby village to browse the stalls. More about that in a future post, perhaps.
Some of you may already know that I love cows and can't wait for them to come back into the fields surrounding the house each Spring.
Imagine my delight when, as we driving home from the vide grenier, we saw this beautiful thing happening.

Mr B did an emergency stop (he certainly knows how much I love cows!) and I hopped out of the car to take these precious shots.

Hope you enjoy seeing these babies as much as I did.

Bonne Dimanche.


  1. Maggie,
    I love cows too. Beautiful pictures as usual. And a belated anniversary wish for you! I am approaching 1 year in May. It has been a fun year.


  2. Cows are such sweet and gentle creatures. Great photos!
    Country Blessings,

  3. Good Morning Maggie,

    OMG, those little calves are too cute!! We have several new ones and I just love watching them run about kicking up their heels and chasing each other. They are so cute at play! Our cows graze year round so we see them all the time BUT, they are always lovely to watch.

    I love the pic of your hydrangea. I was thrilled when I went to check mine and it has flower heads forming. It was in bloom the year we moved into the house but hasn't bloomed once since--this is 4th year. I do think that I made the mistake of cutting it back at the wrong time of the year. I am a "green horn", I still have lots to learn about flowers and farm life. But, I am loving every minute of it!

    We go our first radishes out of the garden yesterday. It won't be long before we have plenty of onions. I love seeing things that I have planted with my own hands, come forth and bear fruit and become a part of the family dinner table! I pity all the city gals that I left behind...LOL

    Hope you are enjoying your Sunday.

  4. The calves are incredibly cute!! And the cows are so fluffy!!

    Wonderful pictures, Maggie!


  5. I'd have been out of the car in a flash, too! We rarely see anything other than the good old black and white cows on the island, although someone in our community has Highland cattle.

  6. Those are truly precious shots! Well done!

  7. Hi Mrs. B,
    I certainly do love your cow pictures. I love cows, too. I grew up around them - aren't the calves the most precious things?! So soft and pure and cuddly. Their moms are pretty too. They're such docile creatures.
    Un bonne Dimanche a vous, aussi.
    Mrs. B (also)

  8. Oh, these are so sweet, Maggie. Cows seem to live such peaceful lives in their meadows and pastures. Beautiful photos!


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