Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Garden shadow shots.

As I was passing by an upstairs window I noticed the fabulous shadows that the cherry trees already sprinkled with white blossom, the laurel hedge around the potager and the ancient old crab apple tree loaded down with mistletoe, were casting over the back garden.

Grabbing my trusty Lumix I took these shots before heading to the front of the house to see what was happening there.

The huge ornamental cherry which dominates the garden is about to "pop" into glorious pinkness, here and there you can see small flowers appearing, almost on an hourly basis. I was thrilled to see the almost mirror image shadow that this tree was throwing across the lawn.

When we bought this house there were three linden trees growing against the wall. Sadly, over the years, two of them fell victim to gale force winds which brought them crashing down, now only one remains to cast it's shadow across the driveway.

By the way as I sit here blogging I can hear a cuckoo in woods behind the house (first time this year), the house martins returned exhausted after their long flight from Africa at the weekend (I wonder if the volcanic ash slowed them down at all?) to their nests in the eaves of the garage, and everywhere I look the cows are back in the fields. WooHoo!!
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  1. What a gorgeous yard you have, sweetpea! I wish mine was that gorgeous but we're working on it since we built the house only 5 years ago, it will take time. I hope I live that long!!!

  2. Beautiful shadow shots. It's one thing to notice them and quite another to get the shots. The shadows are so clearly etched on the ground - lovely.

  3. Spring is such a wonderful time of year. Your trees and their shadows make your yard a thing of beauty! Your love of home shows in the care you take of your garden.

  4. Hi Maggie

    Love all the shadow photographs!!Great garden, looks like we have the same sunny weather with lots to do in the garden.

    Jackie in Surrey

  5. Shadows are every bit as beautiful as the actual objects.
    It is worrisome to think of the poor little creatures affected by the volcanic ash.

  6. I love the shadow "lace" created by the trees. :-)

  7. love your shadows ... it looks like such a beautiful place to live ... you see a lot of green ... which is beautiful!

  8. What a beautiful garden you have . I love your pictures with the shadows.

  9. Hello from Haute Nortmandy! nice pictures of spring. Catherine

  10. Maggie, just beautiful and so green there in Normandy! Love it, and you got some great shots of shadows from the various trees.

    Have a good evening.

  11. Hi Maggie,

    You captured the heart of your garden. Beautiful. You have a way with a camera.

    big hugs,

  12. The colors of green and black in your outdoor shadow shots are so vibrant!
    Country Blessings,

  13. Maggie, my heart is a bit sad looking at these photos telling me I should be standing under that tree making my own shadow. Another time, dear friend! Thanks for sending the photos our way to give us a hint of what is like there this week. Hugs ~ Sarah

  14. These pictures are amazing and I love hearing about the birds that are arriving.

    I would love to see real mistletoe one day!

    Best wishes,

  15. I loved your garden shadow showing today. You have a lovely garden and did a great job on capturing all those shadows.

  16. Lovely, Maggie. You certainly know your way around gardens AND cameras!

  17. Gorgeous shadows! Lovely yard, too...

    I love your new header and background. It's looking pretty spiffy here!

  18. Oh wow - you have a gorgeous yard! And that cherry tree is amazing!

  19. This is so gorgeous...
    Thank you for your comment on my blog :)
    Means a lot to me.
    Gros bisous

  20. Hi Maggie,
    You have a lot of blooms to look fwd to! I bet it is beautiful there!
    I wonder if the ash did slow them down???

  21. Maggie I love these images taken around your garden and showing the fields beyond. I know Sarah is so disappointed not to be there - we should all plan a get together sometime, that would be wonderful!!

    Love the driveway pic with the tree shadow - and knowing you have cuckoos makes me remember them calling when I was a child. We don't seem to have any here and I miss them! We don't have swallows in this area either - hope yours were not harmed by the ash.

    May the sun continue to shine on you and your lovely home this weekend.
    Hugs - Mary

  22. These are lovely! I can't believe how lush and green your lawn is!

    PS - Re your comment on my bog - I've not tried Marmite but it can't be any worse than Vegemite ;)

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  23. What a beautiful view you have!

    That last shot, with it's lacy deliciousness, is one of my favorite shadow shots today! Great catch!

    Happy SSS!

  24. beautiful shadows and garden...wow!


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