Wednesday, 16 June 2010

V is for Vide Grenier

Alphabe-Thursday has come around again and this week Mrs Matlock's students are pondering the letter "V".
Here in France, V must mean "vide grenier", which when literally translated means "empty attic".
A Vide Grenier is a cross between a yard sale, a flea market or a car boot sale depending which country you live in!
Need a bike?
I bought this little item for 3 euros at the last vide grenier we went to.

At the moment it is residing in the downstairs loo but I'm not inspired by it there.

I get so jealous when I read about all the great thrifty items some of my blogger friends find at Goodwill or Estate sales.
Two experts that spring to mind are Bill @ Affordable Accoutrements, he is the one to go to for beautiful, stunning tablescapes, and Jane @ Mamie Jane's who has the best "eye" for turning other people's junque into wonderful decorative home accents.
I can't imagine that you don't already know about these two fabulous blogs, but just in case you don't, click on the links to see what I mean when I say they are two of the best.
See you in class.


  1. What a sweet little shelf - you'll have fun trying it out all over the house.

  2. I like the little shelf, honey. It could hold cook books very well I think.

  3. I have a shelf similar to this and I use it in the bathroom to hold my hand creams etc. I liked it when I bought it but I could never seem to find the right spot for it. Now it's useful. Good Luck!

  4. I know what you mean. I am in Canada and those guys get all the good stuff.
    There are not many good deals here with everything priced at almost the same as new.

  5. OOH, other people emptying out their attics sounds good to me. I love yard sales and estate sales. I"M sure you will find the perfect spot for the little shelf soon. And I agree with you on Mamie Jane... she is marvelous isn't she?

  6. You seem to be doing well! I love the shelf.

  7. I love the idea of vide grenier and it explains your first picture. That little shelf is a keeper.

    Generally I don't have much luck, even when I visit a Good Will but I do seem some posts with incredible finds.

    Lately I've decided I have enough "stuff" and that maybe I need to do some thinning.

  8. Maggie, I like that shelf, and I loved finding out about a "vide grenier". Since I am a retired French teacher, that is a great thing to know! Linda

  9. I avoid sales like the plague. I really need to de-junk my house, not gather more stuff in.

  10. I like that little shelf in that spot, but you move it to where it feels right to you.

  11. Hi Maggie,
    The vide grenier you pictured looks like my kind of sale!! I think everything in french sounds so much better than the english version so I think I'm going to start saying I purchased something at a vide grenier rather than saying a garage/yard sale :-)
    And thank you so much for giving me too much credit for my repurposed projects (but you know I loved it!)....I was truly flattered!!

  12. Morning, Maggie. Oh, you are making me feel a bit jealous. You know I love to roam the markets of France. Yes, we have GW and other thrift shops, but not the weekend markets or vide greniers you get to roam. :-)
    Enjoy the weekend! Happy treasure hunting! ~Sarah

  13. Super ‘V’ post – I really enjoyed reading it!Pity though we don't have vide-grenier events here in Spain!


    PS Mine this week is HERE. Hope you can join me!

  14. What a wonderful stop on our little journey through Alphabe-Thursday's Letter "V".

    I love your little shelf. I can see it with cookbooks, too.

    This is the kind of event I would really enjoy!

    But I will settle for visiting vicariously through your link for now!


  15. I'm sure that vide greniers are more interesting than plain old Canadian garage sales. You'll have fun deciding just where your shelf will end up.

    I haven't heard of either of those blogs, so I'm off to explore.

  16. You are so right Maggie. Some people just know where to get the beautiful goodies like Bill does. We don't have estates like in Tennessee , all we have is second hand shops LOL or flea markets.
    Great V post.

  17. what a sweet little shelf ... and i love that you through in a french term for us to learn! now off to visit those two blogs you recommended.

  18. What a great post. I bet one can find all kinds of deals at a place like that. I like the shelf. I could find uses for it lol. Good V post.

  19. Vide Grenier! That sounds so classy! Much better than garage sale.

  20. I love your little shelf! What about all those sales i see on t.v. are they overpriced?

  21. How I wish I had an empty attic, Maggie!!!
    And an empty storage unit.
    And a few empty drawers and closets too.

  22. The vide grenier you picture at the beginning of the post is charming. My attic could use a good cleaning out.
    Thanks for the links to Bill and Jane. Their blogs are truly works of art.

  23. It looks as tho you found some favorite is the first picture with the sweet shelf...are you going to paint it white?

  24. It's always fun to see what "treasures" can be found at these sales. I actually need to have a Vide Grenier at my would probably even be a good idea to do a whole "empty house" and not just "empty attic" sale! I have accumulated so much stuff over the 28+ years of marriage!

    Blessings & Aloha!
    Hope your family's father's day was an awesome one :o)
    Still trying to get to more "V" posts!

  25. Maggie I think it looks really neat there, and a it's easy moveable you can have fun changing it around to other spots.

    I loved spending a few hours at the vide greniers I visited last time over there.......especially one where we walked to the next village (from my brother's) through the vineyard on a beautiful Oct. morning. Lovely memory.


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