Friday, 30 July 2010

Confused, I know I am??? Google what's going on?

I'm writing this quick post today in case some of my blogfriends are concerned that I've had too much sun whilst working in the garden and have finally "flipped out".
Yesterday I received several emails from bloggers in reply to an email that I apparently sent to them on the 27th July.
All of them were polite enough not to mention whether or not they had found my email strange, although one person did point out that the meme I was inquiring about was months ago and that I had taken part at the time?
Confused, I know I am.
Today I received an email reply from a fellow member of the Quimper Club International, the topic being our upcoming meeting in Savannah this October.
Now, I know that I wrote to this lady several months ago and so when I received a reply I thought how lovely! Then I noticed that the date of the email she was replying to was also 27th July.
Further investigation of my quimperpix google account shows that none of my January emails (with various topics such as snow & winter, etc.) were sent, until July 27th.
So, if you were expecting to hear from me back in January rest assured, I didn't ignore you, it's just that my replies were "lost in space"!
I bet when you finally received a reply, a couple of days ago, you thought "what the heck is this, is this girl loopy??"
I'm blaming it all on the internet gremlins that strike from time to time and will wait to see who else writes back this week, it could be quite interesting.
Has anything like this ever happened to you?


  1. Very strange, Maggie, but I have always found the internet confusing!! Hopefully it won't happen again.

    Hope you are surviving the heat!


  2. I have at times found the internet a bit glitchy but I have no knowledge of what you are talking about in this situation, honey.

  3. I did a comment/reply to someone on the 27th and it immediately told me that I removed my comment. In turn, I made a 2nd comment, then both showed up on the person's post.

    Very strange when these things happen... Good luck with your return emails, should be interesting to see how many you receive.

  4. Hi Maggie

    I didn't like to say, but I received a couple from you this week with dates from ages ago!!! I thought that it was a problem I have been having with Virgin Media/ntlworld. I also received quite a few from my sister in law,, I knew that hers had gone astray as we are often on the phone etc..

    In the email to me you said about a cloth I had. I gave it away to a charity shop as I thought no one was interested. I would of sent it to you if I had known you would of liked it, sorry!! Can I send you some Yorkshire teabags instead ☺ ??

    Jackie in Surrey.

  5. I have had this happen before only they had lost my incoming emails for about 3 months with one of them being an apology from a business that I had chewed out.
    I had thought this person just ignored my complaint but he hadn't. Yikes. Then the emails came in all at once a second time. Hundreds. I had to call my email provider to fix it.

  6. Maggie,

    I got three in one day from you. 2 completely out of date and one current! I just thought it was nice that you were thinking about me!!!


  7. Hi Maggie - On Tuesday I received an email from you referring to 'this week' but it was obvious from the body of the email that it was from at least 2-3 weeks ago or longer. Mysterious - but then I think that the internet is, in truth, just magic....and I'm no wizzard!

  8. Cyber space consistently boggles my mind! ~ Sarah
    Hope your weekend is full of fun!

  9. Hi dear Maggie - I was checking my Spam this morning and found two e-mails from you dated July 27. One was about you still having snow and your mailbox cover, which made me sit up!! Snow in July? The other was about your wisteria and going home for your birthday so I knew that was not current either. So I came here to see what you were putting in those 'drinky-poos' you mentioned sipping in the shade of the wisteria, ha! ha! OR perhaps you are growing more than veggies in those garden beds, tehe!!!!

    Mystery solved - how strange, makes one realize the Internet could go completely haywire one of these days!

    Anyway dear, thanks for those old e-mails, hope you didn't think I was remiss in replying at the times they were sent.

    Take care - Mary X

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