Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Mother Nature's Bounty.

You probably know by now that I love to grow my own vegetables in the potager outside my back door?

I love looking out of the kitchen window and "watching my garden grow".

I can spend hours out there planting, weeding, watering and nuturing, it's the number one priority for me during the summer.
So, just to show you what I've been doing instead of blogging, some photo's of Mother Nature's bounty which we have enjoyed this past week.

Am I allowed to brag a little bit?

On the menu this evening.
Bon appetit.


  1. Oh Maggie...sometimes I miss a garden so much. I am loving these photos!

  2. I would love to see a full shot photo of your potager, honey. We TRY growing vegetables but we're very limited on space. Just a few things like tomatoes, cukes, lettuce, radishes and corn.

  3. Tonight's dinner is going to be scrumptious! Since moving, my garden space is very limited - hopefully that will be remedied by next year.

  4. Maggie, YOur garden has rendered you a beautiful and healthy bounty!
    YOur photos are magnificent! Can't improve on God's hand! But you captured it sooooo well!

  5. Hello Maggie - I was just out inspecting our vegetable garden and yours is so far ahead of ours - August is harvest month for us here in the garden but with all the rain we've had things are growing so slowly. your beans and zucchini look so delicious!

  6. Maggie, beautiful bounty. Looks like you are eating lots of healthy veggies this summer. ~ sarah

  7. This is a potager to be proud of and you can brag all you want!! I am still awaiting flowers on my tomato plants and since the rabbits ate my peas and beans, I have planted squash and eggplant. I pray I get some before frost!


  8. Maggie, go ahead and brag all you want......looks like a vegetarian heaven to me! You certainly have worked diligently to harvest such a bounty, congratulations....and now I may have to rename you Farmer Maggie!!!!

    Our tomatoes are great this year - guess they are enjoying the torrid heat which is continuing daily.

  9. Wow- that looks good! We're very excited here, looking forward to the first harvest since erecting the (here I go again!) the deer fence. We look every day to see what's nearly ready.

  10. What gorgeous vegetables! I love naturtiums also. Very lovely.
    I can't believe all of your old photographs also!~What a treasure!


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