Friday, 6 August 2010

Hazy lazy days of summer.....................

It’s August and practically all of France is en vacances, so grab your sun hat and designer shades and let’s head for the beach.
This looks like a great place to relax and read the newspaper.

The foot stool conveniently doubles as a table, so your cold drink is always close to hand.
Perhaps you need to cool off a little? Sitting here with the waves gently tumbling over our toes feels so good!

Time to eat? These folding chairs are so easy to bring along and the gorgeous picnic basket has wheels to make life even easier. The ancient rock face behind us will act as a natural windbreak and keep the sand out of our food.
Not a beach lover.................... seriously?
Maybe you’d prefer to spend your vacation somewhere in the stunning French countryside? Why not relax amongst the cushions, it’s lovely and shady here beneath the striped, blue awning.

I’ll just go and set the table for lunch.

We can take our afternoon nap here in the shade. Oh! I see you’ve already reserved your place with sunhat and shades.
Later on we’ll have tea in the garden.
We could sit here, or perhaps a deck chair on the lawn would suit you better?

Decisions, decisions.................................bonnes vacances tout le monde.
All images courtesy of Campagne Decoration my favourite French lifestyle magazine, the next issue is on sale 1st September.

With so much blue around I just have to link this post to the wonderful Blue Monday meme, graciously hosted as ever by Smiling Sally.
I just realized that it's one year exactly since my first Blue Monday post, wow, where has the time gone?
Click here to read it, on the sidebar link for more blue loveliness and say "Hi" to Sally.


  1. HI Maggi. What a beautiful blue post. It all looks marvelous and good for a wonderful day at the beach. Have a nice weekend

  2. Hi Maggie - enjoy your beach vacation. Just to let you know I now have a 5 minutes from home post. thanks for the idea!

  3. I absolutely LOOOOVE the photos in this post as I'm trying to figure out something as lovely for our backyard with a canopy or large umbrella, honey. You've definitely given me some ideas. They are beautiful, sugar.

  4. Oh to be there would be so wonderful!!! Beautiful pictures you showed us today Maggie. I hope you are enjoying the hazy, lazy days of August.

  5. Beautiful photos. The French really know how to do everything with style, don't they? Over here, a day at the beach or in the country might involve, at best, an old blanket, a rusty cooler and a whole lot of mosquito repellent.

  6. Maggie,

    How beautiful! I love the blue. Must be a wonderful magazine with great ideas.


  7. Very pretty. How come when I go to the beach it never looks quite so lovely? I'll have to see if I can get your fabulous magazine.


  8. What beautiful cooling blue hues.

  9. Great post Maggie, love those French magazines!

    Have a wonderful week end.

  10. Maggie, all this lovely blue on the beach makes me want to put my toes in the sand. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos. ~ Sarah

  11. What a lovely collection of relaxing scenes of blue.

    Your link was defective, but I fixed it for you.

    Happy Blue Monday Anniversary, Maggie.

  12. What beautiful serene looking places. Thanks for sharing. ~~Sherry~~

  13. What a lovely and delicious time I've had with you this morning. Thanks so much!


  14. Hi Maggie,

    What wonderful images. I want to go to the beach NOW! The French beach. Just lovely.

  15. I could jump into any of those photos-wonderful beyond words! Happy Blue Monday on my first time!

  16. I love this magazine and am so happy I was able to buy a subsciption recently - it's a thrill to see it arrive in the mailbox!

    Nice post Maggie.
    Did you see the comment I left on the mystery e-mails?


  17. How beautiful! I'd like to nap on the lovely blanket and pillows in the garden! :)
    Oh how the French know what I LOVE!... I'm a textile lover and just went around touching EVERYTHING while we were there! So dreamy... XO


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