Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Rainbow Summer School: Just call me mellow Yellow

Courgette flowers.

For Mrs Matlock's Alphabe-Thursday Rainbow summer school project some cool mellow yellows for your delectation. Fruits and flowers blooming in my garden this week. And in case you were wondering, courgettes and pumpkins are technically fruits because they have seeds.
Maybe teach will give me a gold star for that little factlet?

Golden yellow pumpkins.

See you in class.


  1. Mine aren't doing so well - would you please just pop one of these in the mail to me?
    Thank you!

  2. Oh what beautiful FRUITS you have! :)
    To even get a hint of lavendar in a photo is so amazing. You are so talented. I see I have LOTS to catch up on at your lovely blog!~I'm off! XO

  3. Wow what lovely photographs. I just dropped by your blog from the UK and its great. I will call again.
    Happy week

  4. As always, your photos are just gorgeous! I love the bright cheery yellows of your yummy pumpkins!

    Happy gardening and best wishes,

  5. Hi again!

    Love the yellow in your post! Mine though aren't doing so well either - your postman's going to be busy!

    Happy Alphabe-Thursday


    PS Mine this week is OVER HERE! Hope you can stop by.

  6. The pumpkins reminds that the temperature will all soon and Fall will be here. Great shot!

  7. Oh yes, Fall on the way!
    Great reminders, thanks..

  8. Beautiful photos! Reminds me lots of fall.

    Happy Yellow Thursday Maggie:)

  9. The beautiful yellow blossom looks similar to the large zucchini blossom I photographed this past week in our vegetable garden; if only the fruit would bear as well (this years garden has been quite unusual for us in the Pacific northwest).

  10. Love these shots! Wow, so these are from your garden? They are stunning! Wish I had a garden like that too :)

  11. Maggie, I'm always in awe of your garden talents, and the photographs you take, and YOU! ~ Sarah

  12. What wonderful garden pics...

    Pumpkins are one of my favorite things to grow...

  13. I think I like the mellow yellows best.


  14. These are beautiful photos, and your garden must be incredible. Great choice for yellow!

  15. Wonderful mellow yellows...I'm encouraged looking at your pumpkins and dreaming of fall :-)

  16. Fall! My favorite time of the year and pumpkins just tell me that it is so close! It makes my spirit happy.

  17. OH! How fun to see the fruit of your labor! I love your garden photos!

    And yes, I do think you deserve a!

    Blessings & Aloha!
    thank you for stopping by!

  18. Great pictures Maggie. I am not participating in summer school, wil get there when the alphabet is coming again.

  19. Wow, I love the beautiful pictures and the pumpkin...autumn is on the way....blessings...bkm

  20. Maggie,

    Gorgeous photos. Happy summer school.


  21. Hi Maggie,
    Thank you for stopping by. I was so excited when I read your profile as you are living The Agronomist's and my dream. We are, as I write, vacationing in Quebec Canada, as everyone except myself speaks french at Bungalow'56. Your yellow finds are wonderful. It's is amazing what nature has to offer us.

  22. What beautiful photos and such a lovely color of pumpkin!

    While summer continues to melt us here in the Western desert I sit here lusting after your pumpkins and wishing I could be growing something here as well.

    Thanks for this wonderful link.

    I always enjoy visiting here.


  23. Such gorgeous colors Maggie, stunning! What a varied amount of items you have in your garden!


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