Saturday, 20 November 2010

The Hairy Bikers Old Fashioned Mincemeat.

I'm joining The Tablescaper once again this week for Seasonal Sunday, with a new recipe of a traditional English favourite: the Hairy Bikers Old Fashioned Mincemeat.
Also sharing this post with Mary @ The Little Red House for Mosaic Monday.
Christmas wouldn't be Christmas for us if mince pies weren't involved and although we haven't actually lived in the UK for over 25 years I always bake lots of these small delicacies for us to enjoy during the festive season.
For many years I've always used a tried and tested Delia Smith recipe when making mincemeat.
However, I recently received a copy of the Hairy Bikers "12 Days of Christmas" cook book, (a lovely thank you gift from a thoughtful English friend) and was intrigued by their recipe for Old Fashioned Mince Pies with an Orange Crust.
Click here to get the recipe.
Traditionally I make my mincemeat around the middle of November just to get ahead with my Christmas preparations, but if time is short, the HB recipe can be made the day before you need it.

Some Brits believe that it is good luck to eat a mince pie every day during December and my DH would be one of those, if I didn't watch his waist line!

These jars will be going into the pantry, for a couple of weeks, to allow the boozy flavours to develop. Then my pies, according to the Hairy Bikers, will be "guaranteed to bring a smile even to Ebeneer Scrooge".....

Come back in a couple of weeks to find out how they tasted but in the meantime do pop over to The Tablescaper and to the Little Red House to see who else is participating this week.


  1. I got a kick out of the name of the cookbook!! I have never had mincemeat before so I am curious as to what they taste like and how yours turn out.

    Happy Weekend! :-)


  2. Maggie, you are so efficient in the kitchen! I'm still thinking about cooking for Thanksgiving, and here you are cooking ahead for Christmas. I've never eaten mincemeat. Eat some for me! ;-)
    Have a great weekend, my friend! ~ Sarah

  3. My mum always made her own mincemeat, and it has set the standard for me. This recipe looks good, but I wonder about the instructions to blend the ingredients to 'a paste'. I like my mincemeat to be a bit lumpier than that!

  4. Pondi wonders about reducing the ingredients to a paste but that's not a problem because you add the currants, suet, spices & sugar at the next, stage which ensures there are still "lumps" to enjoy!
    Bon appetit

  5. I've just weighed out all the ingredients for Delia's version,it sits overnight befor cooking tomorrow.
    What a shame we can't taste each others mince pies :-)

  6. Maggie, you are safely home in Normandy! It's good to know you are so organized and ahead with your baking. Someone from Ireland gave me a recipe for Sozzled Fruit Cake, must say, though I am the only one here who likes fruit cake, it sounds tempting! It's been a while since I've had mincemeat.

    Have a great week end.

  7. "My Irish Roots are Deep" and they DO contain Mincemeat for the Holidays... My Grandmother would be canning it and making pies "AND of course Sharing"... I'm not quite sure if I like it or not, BUT it's tradition! I will DEFINITELY try your recipe. Your Post was Wonderful!!! Have a great weekend, and Thank you for sharing with us, Donna

  8. I've never had mincemeat pie, the recipe looks good! Beautiful photos-enjoy:@)

  9. Oh, thanks - I'm very glad you pointed this out to me! My son is a Hairy Bikers fan and he's just told me that he's going to make a batch of this mincemeat and put it up for competition against my (or Delia's, of course) usual recipe. If it happens, I'll let you know which one wins amongst my family and friends.

  10. Very beautiful shots. I've never had mincemeat.. but would be willing to give yours a try... Here you are working on Christmas and we on this side of the pond are still mulling over Thanksgivings. Thanks for sharing.

  11. I guess you are home. I love your festive looking mincemeat trimmings. Makes me want to concoct something like that though I've never made mincemeat. I need to get some jars, red ribbons and sprigs of holly first. Off to the big nursery shop tomorrow with my list, Intertuin, they call it in Holland. I'm inspired! Thanks, xo Jenny

  12. Sounds delicious, Maggie. I bet your hubby cannot wait!..Christine

  13. What a crazy name for a cookbook! Love how you've displayed your ingredients. It looks so inviting.

    Thanks so much for being a part of Seasonal Sundays!

    - The Tablescaper

  14. Morning Maggie, I was just reading your blog when your comment appeared. I wonder what other bloggers will think of the name "Hairy bikers"!!

    I don't like mincemeat or fruit cake and neither do my "kids", so don't make either. I usually buy mince pies from M&S and a token almost bite size Christmas cake for Phil. Obviously if we are visiting friends usually have both so he can have some of theirs!

    His gout isn't too bad at the moment but of course it is a form of arthritis and he was a "baldy biker" for years which probably didn't help having your feet out in the cold even though he wore good biker boots.

    Regards, Jackie in Surrey.

  15. Your mincemeat sounds delicious, I have never tried as of yet. Maybe someday. It is hard to believe Christmas is just around the corner.

  16. Maggie,
    What a wonderful post. Jack would love these. I'm not sure I could translate the ingredient amounts!!!

    Glad you are home safely.


  17. Do you believe I've never eaten mince meat anything? I wasn't sure I'd like it....this recipe (whose name is a scream) sounds pretty darn good.

    Hope you had a wonderful trip, Maggie. I enjoyed your posts about my favorite places!

  18. I have never made from scratch mincemeat. I buy a good jar of it at Christmas. If I did not bake mincemeat tarts there would be an uproar around here.

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  20. Love your photos. Never made mincemeat though.

    Erika B


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