Tuesday, 15 February 2011

An English Print Room

I spent this morning photographing some beautiful antique original lithographs of Sevres Porcelaines by E. Juliennes (1808-1875).

Many years ago at an Antiques Fair in Brest, Brittany I discovered an old porfolio containing these lithographs and quickly snapped them up.

You see, I had a fancy to decorate the staircase here at the Presbytère in the style of an 18th century English Print Room.

Image from Printrooms.com
The walls were already painted yellow, all I had to do was persuade Mr B that this was a look that he could live with.

Unfortunately, despite my entreaties, he was unconvinced.

He thought the whole look was too fussy and not in keeping with our French home. C'est la vie!

Image from Printrooms.com
One day I will get around to framing some of these beautiful lithographs but in the meantime, if you should fancy trying out the English Print Room look for yourself, click on this link to Printrooms.com for the inspiration, and take a peek in my Etsy where you will find some of the Sevres lithographs for sale.



  1. I think it would look fantastic. Ask Mr B again but with his arm up his back.
    A little bit of England in France would be wonderful after all we have so much of a little bit of France in England.

  2. I've always loved the look, but would take the coward's way out and frame them rather than applying directly to the wall.

  3. I've never heard of a print room although I've long admired lithograph prints. Will be exploring the site!

    Like Pondside, I think I'd frame the prints too.

  4. Wow, I think the English print room looks amazing! I would love it!
    And how fabulous that you have a book of old lithographs. I just picked up on old book of Currier & Ives prints this past weekend out treasure hunting that I absolutely love. :)

  5. I think it would look brilliant too! I love this idea. I think I might frame some too. Thanks so much for this!

    Best wishes always,

  6. The English print room is spectacular.

  7. Those are beautiful! I like the print room!

  8. Is there a post that shows your French home, sweetpea? I'd love to see what it looks like. Sound divine actually.

  9. Oh My Goodness, You need to keep working on Mr B...The Look is Stunning!!! MAYBE you can find some French lithographs to satisfy Hubby??? I'm on my way to check out your shop, and Thank you for the idea and website...
    Hugs to you,

  10. I can see it's perhaps not a guy thing, Maggie. But I love it!
    Going to do some clicking on your links now....

  11. OMG Maggie those prints are out of this world fabulous! You know what's funny I have old toile fabric with frame prints on it like that hall. Unfortunately I too would have to frame the prints since I like changing things around often. I had never heard of a print room so thanks for sharing!

  12. You did a fantastic job, and it looks so fancy and beautiful!


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