Friday, 25 February 2011

A Few of My Favourite Things Saturday

The warm spring days we’ve experienced lately have not only brought out vibrant daffodils and wonderful bright yellow forsythia they’ve tempted me away from my cosy fireplace too.
Spring for me always means a return to my attic hideaway, where I can happily sit and blog and also create scrapbook pages without worrying about the mess, surrounded by some of my favourite things.
My Amish 9 star wall hanging which I bought at the end of a wonderful evening in Churchtown. PA. My dear friend Diane & I with other liked minded “tourists” had the pleasure of dining with a delightful Amish family. It was a wonderful experience and one which I shall always treasure.
Diane & I have seen many interesting places together, over the years, since we met in 2000 at the Quimper CIub annual meeting held that year in Washington D.C.

In 2008 we toured the Tutankhamun exhibit at the Dallas Museum of Art, then wandered through the galleries, where I fell in love with John Singer Sargent’s “Portrait of Dorothy, 1900”

A few years earlier, with her sister Susan on the way from Texas to the QCI meeting in Chicago in 2005, we took a slight detour and visited the King at Graceland, Memphis, TN.
That was a fun trip!

My Texan Eiffel Tour (a souvenir from the Dallas 2009 meeting).

Last but by no means least my Keep Calm and Carry On notice, a gift from the QCI members attending the 2010 meeting in Savannah which I co-hosted.
I was also presented with a signed copy of Paula Deens book "Savannah Style" which the above mentioned Susan (currently serving at President of the QCI) obtained after standing in line to meet PD when at a book signing in Dallas last year.
Click here to go to the QCI blog and read Susan's hilarious account of that day.
The hub.
Hilton Head is never far from my thoughts.
Miz Geraldine, the rabbit that started it all.
There must be music.
Splendour in the Grass and Sympathique by, a favourite band, Pink Martini.
I have so enjoyed revisiting A Few of my Favourite Things with y'all today (there's that Texan/Southern influence coming through!)
Of course I'm joining Laurie for A Few of My Favourite Things Saturday with this post, hope you'll pop over and visit Laurie and all the other bloggers participating there this weekend.
I never realised before writing this post how many of them are linked to the QCI and the friends I've made through the Club.


  1. That was a lovely, cosy post for a cold day. The thing about this sort of post is that it gives one a chance to get to know you a little better. I envy you your space in the attic. I'm trying to carve a space out of a guest room - this was a little inspiration.

  2. Great post! It was fun to see your favorites.

  3. Wonderful to catch a few more glimpses into your world. Like Pondside, I'm envious of your attic room. So romantic.

  4. Oh it's so lovely to see where you are when your words wing away to us all! What a fabulous space!

  5. Didn't know you had a bit of a passion for quilts . Love the star and wedding ring quilt. I learn something new about you every time you post.


  6. Maggie, it's fun to see your attic retreat filled with your favorite things. I didn't know you and the sisters went to Graceland. ;-) You all have enjoyed many adventures together. We are a lucky group to have found such friendship through QCI.
    Enjoy the weekend! ~ Sarah

  7. Looks like you have a nice cozy space to work in Maggie-enjoy:@)

  8. You do have a nice room for yourself and your things. It's wonderful to have a place like that! I too enjoy the 'Salty Dog'. It's also a must go for us when go to Hilton Head too!

  9. I love all your favorite, Maggie but my most favorite of them all is the "portrait of Dorothy" painting....Christine

  10. What a comfortable and elaxing place to spend your time! A great little area!

  11. I enjoyed seeing your favorite things and your hideaway. I've often thought of doing a favorite things post. I'll have to check out that Favorite Things linklink.

  12. Sorry Maggie - I meant "link".
    Have a good day!

  13. How great to have your own 'get away' to do things and not have to worry Maggie. I have a feeling HH is in the near future? I do hope so as I know how you enjoy it. Great to see the photos.

    Have a terrific week end.

  14. Yep, love your beams! What a great room too? Full of all the things you treasure! Enjoy your wamrth and sunshine, we're still getting snow here! UGH!

  15. Maggie, what a wonderful hideaway you have, and so many wonderful treasures to remind you of fun times. I love attic rooms - all of the ceiling angles and the beams just make it seem so cozy (at least that's the way we spell it-I loved that you used the word "y'all"!) Your quilts are beautiful. What a sweet bunny, and I so enjoyed your stories of your QCI friendships. I live very close to Memphis. Wish I could have met you at Graceland! Thank you for linking this post to Favorite Things. laurie

  16. I just love, love, love posts like this! It's so fun to take a peek into your world and see some of your treasures in your hidden hidey-hole. Sounds like you have had the opportunity to go some many fun places, and I adore that you have a special souvenir memory for each.

  17. I am happy to see you can get back to your little hideaway and spend some time doing the things you love!

    Spring is a fave thing of mine, and after this winter, it will be most welcome!

    Have a great week, Maggie!


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