Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Chocolate and Cranberry Muffins

Whilst replenishing my pantry with baking essentials recently I came across a packet of dried cranberries, they were meant to have gone into a Christmas relish but somehow I had overlooked them during the holiday period.
What to do?
One of my mottoes is "If in doubt ~ bake"
It isn't really a motto, I just made it up so that I could share with you this great recipe for chocolate and cranberry muffins which I came across when I googled "dried cranberry recipes".

Cake, Crumbs and Cooking is a great blog authored by a "twenty something baking enthusiast living in the north of England".
Now I don't know whereabouts in the North this young baker hails from but as a "Lassie from Lancashire" and lover of all things to do with baking myself, this blog ticked all my boxes and I signed up to follow along.

If you're a baker or cake maker you might want to check out the recipe too by clicking here.
Being me, I tweaked the recipe just a little bit.
I didn't have any dark chocolate in the pantry, which is unusual, but I did have a bar of Lait Bricelet, a Swiss milk chocolate with a creamy hazelnut and wafer biscuit filling which I used instead.
Also, a tip that I learned a long time ago when using dried fruit of any kind, always toss the fruit in a little of the flour before adding to the mix.

It helps to stop all the fruit falling to the bottom of your cake or muffin.
A small thing but well worth doing.
Linking this post to Full Plate Thursday over at Miz Helen's Country Cottage, a weekly gathering of cooks and bakers with recipes and good food to share.
The muffins turned out great, very flavourful -  perfect with a cup of hot coffee.
I would just mention though, that if like me you use milk (with or without a sweetened nutty filling) not dark chocolate and don't have a very sweet tooth, you may want to reduce the amount of sugar in the recipe.
Linking also to Kathryns Muffin Monday @ Talking Dollars and Cents, click on the link for more muffin recipes.


  1. Maggie,

    Lovely muffins, lovely dishes! Let me know how the book is. Have a great day. I am going to make chocolate chip cookies!


  2. The coffee and muffins look so tempting! Don't you just love to bake something from you already have in the pantry?

  3. Thanks so much for the recipe link. They look delicious! Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. I think it's all round to your place for coffee and muffins.
    Lovely recipe.

  5. Hello Maggie,

    The muffins sound delicious and I love the setting you created for them.

    ~ Tracy

  6. Yum! Muffins and tea, just delicious. Would love to pop by for a visit!

  7. I just found a bag of frozen [Xmas leftover] cranberries in my freezer. I wonder if they will work in muffins? If in doubt...

  8. Cranberry muffins are calling out to me. I just may need to bake some myself, though I'd need to go buy the cranberries. LOL
    ~ Sarah

  9. I'll have to try these...I love muffins, chocolate AND cranberries! MMM! Found you at Full Plate Thursday - keep up the good work. LOVE your beautiful header!

  10. I love muffins with dried fruit in them! These look beautifully delicious.

  11. I too have some cranberries from Christmas. You just me an idea! Thanks. I'll go visit her site.

  12. The muffins look so tempting! I'm just about to start Ina's Soda Bread. Have a wonderful St Patrick's Day!

  13. These look very yummy and I also love the cake plate! So beautiful!

  14. Hi Maggie,
    Your Chocolate and Cranberry Muffins are going to be a great addition to my afternoon tea. I wish it was ready right now. Thank you so much for sharing on Full Plate Thursday and please come back!

  15. Hi Maggie

    Your muffins look wonderfully moist and flavorful! I also liked your Irish soda bread in the prior post.

    I find baking so relaxing and comforting. It's been that kind of week!

  16. Oh Yum, Maggie! But then how could you go wrong if you added chocolate!
    THANKS for the tip about flouring the fruit..will surely try that.

  17. Your chocolate and cranberry muffins look and sound so yummy! Can't wait to try them. Thanks so much for linking up to Muffin Monday and sharing your recipe!!


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