Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Cutting silage in Normandy.

The white building in the background is La Mairie
with the village hall behind it.
Last week the lanes around our home here in the Normandy countryside were resonating to the sounds and smells of silage cutting.

The fields surrounding us all have different owners but when it comes to silage cutting the farming community works together and all the tractors and trailers that are available are thrown at the task.

Noticed the branch which is being
 used to prop the gate open?
Earlier in the week the grass had been cut, a couple of days later the farmer came and turned the cut grass over into neat rows.

Little & Large
Four vehicles were involved, the very large tractor with the chute just keeps on rolling up and down the field, a smaller tractor with trailer attached drives alongside, keeping pace.

Mind my wall!

When one trailer is full up the driver takes the silage back to the farmyard and the next tractor/trailer takes over.

Here comes Marc!
The whole field was picked up in about 30 minutes, what a team.

Senior Partner & Fleur keep a watchful eye.
Usually, when this field has been cut, we can expect to see cows brought in to graze during the summer months, I'll let you know when they arrive.


  1. Maggie, does it make you sneeze? ;-)
    Looking forward to seeing those cows grazing on this land, though the colorful tractors make a nice photo.
    Enjoy the day. ~ Sarah

  2. wow! what a project. that's pretty cool that everyone chips in.

  3. I realy enjoyed reading your post,that's realy something,I would surly enjoy whaching them myself.Thanks for sharing.hugs

  4. How interesting Miss Maggie, how you do things in Normandy. It seems you find good neighbors helping good neighbors everywhere. Enjoy your summer...

    The French Hutch

  5. A lovely observation of life according to the seasons in France. Could almost be the same here.

  6. This would be fun to watch...and even better, the cows grazing!


  7. And I'll bet it smells just wonderful as they cut...we too live near fields and cows. Makes life very special indeed!
    P.S. I love your new header Maggie: very nice!

  8. Fun to be in the country, isn't it? Wonderful smells. I'm planning my trip to Normandy coming from Holland. Any suggestions? I want to see Monet's gardens, too on the way. xxoo Jenny

  9. Interesting, Maggie! How often must this be done? Annually? I like seeing neighbors helping neighbors like that. :D

  10. Oh, wow! What an amazing and well-tuned process! I can really imagine the distinctive smell this must put in the air. Thanks for sharing all these wonderful photos. :)

  11. What a fun post and quite a big project too!
    Lovely blog btw!
    Sandra Evertson

  12. Wow. That was fast! Love reading about your life. Mine is soooo boring. Apartment living is a far cry from a home in the country. Which I used to have, so I'm not complaining. I'll just live vicariously through you, Maggie!

  13. It's the same all over - farmers help one another at these busy times!

  14. And I know the landscape will be picture perfect when the cows come home.

  15. Thank you for your kind words, Maggie.
    Team work always makes things easier. Can't wait to see the cows!


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