Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Most embarrassing snooze, we have a winner!

Cows in the mist.
The view from my bedroom window this morning

Last week on Bastille Day I owned up to the fact that some years ago I fell asleep during a performance of Les Miserables and asked if any of you had fallen asleep somewhere that you shouldn't have.
Several followers were brave enough to share an embarrassing moment with me and I did have to smile when Carol told me that she had fallen asleep in class once and dropped her knitting needle which rolled to the front of the auditorium.
Fennie admitted that she fell asleep during her daughter's graduation ceremony but was awake during her daughter's bit!
Sarah fell asleep in yoga class which I think we can all understand, but then she snored!
Lorrie was lulled to sleep on a tour bus whilst travelling through Europe, but I think that's allowed and Diane and her husband Jack fell asleep watching Mary Poppins at a drive in theatre.

However, Pondside's story made me howl with laughter and I think you'll all agree that she is the worthy winner, of a very small token of my thanks, for sharing the incident with us all.

This is Pondside's most embarrassing snooze....................

When our huge Home Depot first opened The Great Dane was very happy and wanted to visit at every opportunity. One Sunday, on the way home from church he had to 'pick up a little something' from the HD. There was something about the air in the store - the off-gassing, perhaps - but as I waited for him I sat on a stack of carpets, and before I knew it I'd tipped over and fallen asleep. I think everyone we knew walked by and saw me in my Sunday best, sound asleep in the carpet aisle. I was mortified!

Thanks to everyone who joined in, you're all jolly good sports and for those who didn't I hope that you'll click on the above names and go over and get to know the bloggers who did.


  1. hahaha - great stories. Thanks to all for sharing them.

  2. I am impressed she found a soft spot to sit down there at all. I am usually on a stack of tiles or something and sleeping is not an option.
    We supply chairs in the ladies clothing stores for the men, why don't we get some in the hardware store.

  3. *giggles* Yep! That is definitely a winning story!

  4. Oh dear - mortified twice - once in the doing and once in offering it up to the blog world. The Great Dane teases me about it and will often say 'Why don't you just find a place to nap while I pick up the nails/wood/whatever"

  5. .......and I should have said 'thank you' Maggie!

  6. Dear Pondside,
    I always stay in the car when the Senior Partner goes into Castorama or some such magasin.
    your very welcome, many thanks for letting me share your embarrassment on the world wide web!

  7. What a view! Love the stories!

  8. That is too funny. It could happen to the best of us. xo Jenny

  9. Yes, I think Pondside is the winner! That is so funny...and embarrassing!

  10. How fun! I'm tickled to read all these accounts of falling asleep. Sorry I missed the original posting of them.
    When I was working the night shift at the hospital, I was CONSTANTLY tired during the day, as I was married & had a young child, too.
    My Mother called me once just as I was climbing into bed at 8 AM, after a particularly loooong night shift. We spoke a bit but then I dozed off on her. I woke hours later with the phone still against my ear. She never let me forget that I feel asleep while she was speaking! LOL


  11. That is so funny! Yes, she's the winner, hands down. What a good sport she was to share with us!

  12. Oh tht did give me a good laugh! Thanks Maggie. laurie

  13. OOOPS! I forgot to tell you that your blog and header look so pretty. Do you no longer have your Etsy? I couldn't find a linky button. laurie

  14. Great stories - and yes, Pondside's was hilarious. She's a good sport though and can now tell the story and make us laugh, even though we didn't see her napping!
    Love it!

    Hugs - Mary

  15. Maggie, I do think Pondside's story is the best! Of course, I know someone in this family who likes to find a spot to snooze while I shop. ;-)

  16. Oh, that is priceless! Public place and all dressed up to go with it! I once chaperoned my daughter's 6th grade class up to the San Francisco Opera to teach them that opera wasn't the snoozer they all thought it was - except I was snoozing throughout the whole thing. :-/


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