Thursday, 4 August 2011

Fresh Cut Friday with Rose Vignettes

I think I spoke too soon, those gorgeous blue skies are nowhere to be seen today, the rain came back with a vengeance during the night and it's grey and overcast once more.

White hydrangea, pink roses and blue hibiscus

Luckily I picked these colourful blooms from the garden earlier in the week and arranged them quite simply in a Quimper faience vase decorated in the same colours.

The decoration on the vase is known as broderie and is made up of tiny little dots of coloured glaze which are applied to the surface with the aid of a small tool known as a "poire", it's a bit like icing a cake!

Many different designs can be found on broderie pieces, they mimic the elaborate embroideries which we see decorating traditional Breton costumes such as the one that the Bretonne, featured on the front of the vase, is wearing.

The back of the vase is just as decorative.

I find that the coloured glazes contrast beautifully against the dark cobalt blue background.

Joining Liz @ Rose Vignettes for Fresh Cut Friday
 where everything is blooming wonderfully.


  1. How beautiful. I like the back at least as much as the front of the vase.

  2. I prefer the back to the front, the bretonne isn't very well painted I'm afraid.

  3. Maggie, the vase and flowers are beautiful. I want to paint them. Maybe I will. I still have paint allover my fingers from this morning's class. The woman on the vase looks very Dutch in her costume and shoes. xo Jenny
    P.S. it is pouring down rain here in Holland.

  4. They're beautiful, vase and flowers, except for zinnias nearly all of our flowers have dried up in the heat.

  5. Hi Maggie,
    Your flowers are beautiful. I love the vase, I've never seen one painted like that. I like the back also.

  6. The vase is so different from most Quimper I have seen. It is really lovely as well as the flowers. Thank you for sharing something so pretty.

  7. Hi Maggie, the flowers all look wonderful. I love the back of the vase too. It is pouring with rain here in Surrey, UK!! Jackie.

  8. The last photo is my favorite...and how I LOVE that vase, those raised "dot" designs are amazing.

  9. Gorgeous flowers, and the vase - so interesting. I love the designs, more so than the portrait, I think.

  10. Maggie,
    Just lovely. The vase is exquisite. Beautiful photographs.


  11. maggie, at least you have flowers to cut and decorate with. still hot here in said 113 yesterday

  12. Hey, Maggie!!! Wow, what a gorgeous post for Fresh Cut Friday. Your vase is gorgeous, and I enjoy learning about Breton culture.

    I am here trying to get caught-up on my blog reading. I have missed so much while I was ill!

    Nice wordless Wednesday post, too.

    Ricki Jill

  13. Hi Maggie,
    The flowers are gorgeous! They are perfect for that beautiful vase. Sorry about the gray skies.....I would gladly send you some of our sunshine if I could but you would have to take the 100 degree temps that go with it :)
    Have a great weekend.

  14. I love your bouquet, reminds me of the ones my Mom used to make. Lovely vase too

  15. Great colors Maggie! Lovely arrangement:@)

  16. Un petit bouquet mignon comme tout dans un vase qui ne l'est pas moins.
    Je découvre votre blog et je l'aime déjà !
    Bonne journée sans pluie j'espère !

  17. Hi Maggie, Thank you so much for joining in for Fresh-Cut Friday! This is such a great post. I am only a little familiar with Quimper. So I have never this style. Thank you for sharing it. It is beautiful. Your arrangement is wonderful too. How can you go wrong with Roses and Hydrangea?! I hope your good weather holds out and you have a great weekend! :)

  18. Hi Maggie, the flowers are so, so lovely and I just adore the colors you have chosen. So beautiful!!


  19. I almost dropped my breakfast on the floor! That vase - oh, that vase. Quite the most beautiful Quimper I've EVER seen.

  20. Your flowers and vase are both beautiful. Roses and hydrangeas are two of my very favorite flowers and they look especially beautiful in your lovely arrangement.
    The sun is bright here in southern California. We would like a little rainy day here and least our flowers would enjoy it!

  21. Hi Maggie,
    Both the flower and the vase are very pretty. What an interesting technique the vase was decorated with.

  22. Maggie, I stopped by earlier, but it wouldn't let me leave a comment.
    Your flowers are beautiful and so is the vase. There were loads of gorgeous flowers blooming in Maine.
    Bobbie sends hugs! ~ Sarah

  23. Maggie, your flowers and vases are so lovely. I enjoyed hearing about the vases and think they are charming. Thanks for sharing your part of the world with us!

  24. Ah, but that rain is going to make your garden even more beautiful, Maggie! :)

    I love that vase. Am embarrassed to admit I was not familiar with broderie pieces. Will look into it when I have a chance.

  25. I love everything about this vase and the flowers are pretty too!


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