Friday, 26 August 2011

The last Pink Saturday of summer.

Another week has flown by, another week of thunder and rain, soggy vegetables in an even soggier potager and the sound of falling leaves.

But the sun did peek through from time to time and as these photographs taken on Thursday afternoon reveal there is still plenty of pink to be found in the garden.

The hydrangeas which have really brought the garden to life this year with their bright pink blooms are fading now but still beautiful.
The roses climbing up the house and garden walls and the standard roses in the flower beds are giving us one last hurrah!

Fleur is ten months old now and loves nothing more than to chase Ben our cocker spaniel around the garden, which is what they were doing whilst I took the photographs, hence the pink tongues!
The hardy fuschia has bloomed profusely all summer long despite being invaded by a climbing nasturtium or two.

Joining Beverly @ How Sweet The Sound
for the last Pink Saturday of summer.

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  1. How cute Fluer is. I am planting a hydrangea this week end. I hope it grows as beautiful as yours. My last one died. Here's hoping. Have a good week end.

  2. Sorry, I misspelled Fleur's name. She's still a cute pup.

  3. Your garden must still give you so much pleasure, the flowers look lovely!

    How big Fleur is getting...she is beautiful, Maggie!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  4. I hope summer returns for you Maggie, too early for it to disappear. It is 7.20pm and as I type it is still 30c here!

  5. Fluer has certainly grown. Fun to see shots of both Fluer and Ben. The pinks look lovely, Maggie. Nothing blooming here at the moment, not one thing!

  6. Hi Maggie it is 6,20 and I type this and the sun is shining after a morning full of rain the temp is 17.5. Bank holiday weekend here as you know that is when we have awful weather usually in the UK but I think we have had it most of the week!!

    Your pink flowers are lovely, that is what I have roses, hydrangeas, fuchsia's and geraniums. My nasturtiums are orange!!

    Happy pink Saturday and good weekend. I hope that you have an Indian Summer in September in Normandy ( Yes we are back there then!!) Love to you both, Jackie & Phil.x

  7. HPS!

    You have a lovely place! And your dog is adorable.


  8. Your pink flowers are still beautiful Maggie. I love your dog and his pink tongue, Happy pink Saturday

  9. hi Maggie, Your garden is still lovely, mine, well lets just say it's sad. I love your dog, and the name! Happy Pink Saturday and have a great weekend.

    The French Hutch

  10. beautiful flowers and beautiful pink tongue :))
    we are still in the mid 90's here, it will stay pretty warm even through September.
    Happy Pink Saturday, thanks for sharing your lovely pinks.

  11. I wish I had some of your wet stuff. It is terrible dry in Texas. Everything has burned up.

  12. Hi Maggie, your dogs are so beautiful, and I love their names. We are bracing for Hurricane Irene here on the East coast, NYC for the 1st time ever is having mandatory evacuations! I am a nervous wreck, but blogging keeps me calm and I am afraid we'll lose power and cable for a while, hope not! xo,

  13. I love all the pink blooms! But have to admit, the pup caught my eye first! Is she a German Shepherd? We have a 10-month one ourselves, named Luna, and we love her so!

  14. Your garden is still so lovely, with all the pink blooms! What a wonderful place for your doggies to run and chase and play! I'm having a GIVEAWAY here at Garden Of Daisies, so stop by when you have a chance.

  15. A garden without pink is just not a garden to me. Your photos are beautiful.

  16. Beautiful hydrangeas, Maggie. I love them as they become muted. This is my last pink Saturday, too. xo Jenny

  17. Beautiful flowers .
    Happy pink saturday!!

  18. Love those pink tongues! It's good to see photos of your dogs, and Fleur is not a puppy anymore! I am afraid all my roses and hydrangeas are going to be damaged by Irene, she is just about to hit Boston, but most of the rain is heading west to NY state.

  19. The hydrangea is beautiful and the dogs are adorable! I love dogs and Fleur is a big girl!! Have a nice Sunday! Nice meeting you. FABBY

  20. Fleur is too cute. I had a male German Shepherd growing up. His name was Battle, and I loved that dog! Your pink hydrangeas are perfect for Pink Saturday!!!


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