Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Tuesday morning muffin - Ginger Pear

There's something about a wet and windy Tuesday morning that has me reaching for my favourite muffin recipe book - "Muffins fast and fantastic" by Susan Reimer.
Mine is the second edition 1999, but you can still find it on Amazon if you click here.

The espaliered trees on the west facing garden wall are heavy with apples and pears.

Ginger Pear Muffins

Did you know that the second post I ever wrote was about a Tuesday morning muffin?
It received one comment!
I was such a newbie at blogging.
But quite good at making muffins!
Still am..............
Click here if you missed it and are not the person who commented.

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  1. They look good to me. My neighbor gave us some pears like this from her own tree and they are big and fabulous. I would never have thought of muffins...I'll try. Thanks. xo Jenny

  2. Your trees are bearing beautiful fruit!! The muffins look delicious!! I didn't know the first thing about blogging when I started. I posted a couple of things and then I went away for a whole year before I decided to come back and give it a second try. That time I was determined to learn. Still am learning, very slowly. One of these days I will figure out how to make a blog button. LOL!!

  3. Espaliered trees are wonderful. Wish we had some on our back garden walls. Ginger pear - sounds wonderful. I know you are a fabulous cook. ;-)

  4. Ginger pear muffins sound like the perfect combination. I clicked over to the other post, too. What fun to look back on those early days of blogging. Now you have so many wonderful bloggy friends.

  5. Oh Maggie, here I am in my beloved Maine, meanwhile, back in my California gardens the espaliered apple is loaded and the other apples and three pears have a few offerings too.

    I love muffins and not much makes a home smell better than muffins baking.



  6. I bet the ginger pear muffins smell divine. Yummy!

    I think espaliered trees are so pretty. I would love to have a formal garden one day with espaliered trees!

  7. Just look at that gorgeous fruit!! And the muffins look delicious! I have no doubt that they were very tasty!!

  8. Mmmmm that looks good! There's nothing like the smell of a fruity bread or muffin.

  9. I enlarged the muffin picture and they look DELICIOUS! I went to the former post and I too am curious about what eleveness is.

    Thanks for coming to my Bunny Hop and especially for placing my Bunny Hop button at the top of your sidebar. So Sweet of you :)

    xoxo Bunny Jean
    @Bunny Jean's Decor and More!

  10. The early days of our blogs are so special. How we evolve.
    I can smell those muffins right through the computer.

  11. Oh the muffins look so yummy. I think I will make muffins in the morning. I don't have to work tomorrow. Blueberry muffins sound good. Your fresh pears are a real treat, I am sure. Enjoy.

  12. I love the collage of the apples and pears, ours have also done well this year.

  13. How lovely to have espaliered apple and pear trees. The ginger-pear muffins look delicious. I can almost taste them now slathered with some Normandy butter. I'm visiting from Bunny Jean's.
    Thanks for the muffin. :)


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