Thursday, 6 October 2011

Reality Shot Thursdays

Have you ever looked at a favourite blog and found a new party going on that you think you like the look of?

Well, this morning whilst perusing Mary's delightful blog "A Breath of Fresh Air" I discovered Reality Shot Thursdays a new blog party being hosted by Claudia @ Mockingbird Hill Cottage.
Claudia describes it like this -
it's about letting everyone in on a glimpse of real life in our homes every Thursday, a Reality Shot  is what's just to the left or right of a staged, pretty photograph?

If I can drag myself away
 from my computer and camera today
 this is my next task...........ironing!

Go on take a deep breath and show us what's lurking at the corner of your eye.


  1. This is fun. That happens a lot when I am at hom again.Especcialy after all the holidays washing is done.
    Have a nice day.

  2. I have a pile like that to! and my desk is heaped with text books form studying all day yesterday.
    Hope you get it done.....well maybe later!!

  3. Welcome, Maggie! I'm so glad you decided to join us.

    Oh that ironing! It manages to sit there and taunt us, doesn't it? That's a great reality shot!

    Please come back again next week.


    I'm off to explore your blog - your life in Normandy sounds like my fantasy come true.

  4. So glad you joined us Maggie - this is a slice of real life on the blogs! A lot of fun.

    Ironing can pile up quickly - I always try to tackle it as soon as it comes out of the dryer. That doesn't always work in the Summer when we seem to be changing clothes so often in the humidity here, they pile up fast and all those fabrics need at least a touch up with the iron!

    Pulling out sweaters now though - ironing will be mostly Bob's shirts - and I kinda like taking an hour or so doing them - it's cathartic in some strange way! Oh, and I always iron the pillowcases if not the sheets - I love a fresh smooth pillowcase!

    Happy day dear friend.

  5. LOL I need to check this one out! Although folks would probably unfollow me.... ;P

  6. 15:30 Update:
    I am now ironing whilst listening to Radio Devon.
    Like Mary I always iron my bedlinen, there's nothing better than a crisp sheet & pillowcase!
    Is it just a Brit thing?
    I wonder?

  7. Great reality shot! Hope you get to that pile, but if not, there's always next week. Ann

  8. I hate I am so sorry for you!

  9. Love this idea! I'll have to join the party after I'm done with 31 Days of Disarray to Delightful. :)

  10. Fun shot. I just picked up my camera and took a photo of my desk. Will I post it? We'll see. It's good to have a little reality check in blogland once in awhile.

  11. Fun! For me it would be shelves with boxes where the lids just don't quite fit on because too much 'stuff' has been 'stuffed' into them! And some paper on the floor too. Oh dear...

  12. Just explored your blog for a few minutes - what beautiful scenery - and the clotted cream did catch my eye. I'll be back to visit many times.
    - Joy

  13. What a fun idea, the reality shots! I like you header pictures too and good luck with the ironing.

  14. Maggie, can't say that I saw this while visiting. ;-)
    I actually don't mind ironing. For me it's mostly a summer task because I wear linen everyday. Don't iron my bed linens, but I do iron my table linens. Sometime very satisfying for me. ~ Sarah

  15. Oh...I have tons of reality to tackle. Always first thing in the morning. Ironing is not something I enjoy at all although I am pretty good at it. When I was growing up, my mother used to take in ironing to make a few extra dollars. She taught us the fine art of pressing clothing until perfect. Now, I have my husband take his shirts to the cleaners...I think I've had my fair share of ironing in this lifetime!!

    This sounds like a fun party. I could come up with a lot of pictures to choose from!


  16. Oh, laundry day. It sure is easy to let that stuff sit there for awhile, isn't it? Been there!

  17. We lived on a sailboat in San Diego for five years and I tried really hard to get rid of the iron but after a while I went to work and had no choice but to buy and use one. Same thing happened when we moved to Tucson. Now we're in Lake Havasu where it is just to dang hot to iron anything in the summer and I'm developing a working relationship with that "just out of the dryer" look.

  18. My guest room bed usually has laundry on it - waiting to be fold it but i sort it into piles first...I might take a picture of my scrapbooking desk sometime but that's about it...

  19. Oh dear. I had a pile like that and shoved it in the closet a couple of weeks ago. Wonder if it's still there??? Love your blog - I'm a new follower! Love Linda

  20. I have an identical pile in a basket on top of the washer! They are international!

  21. This idea is really intriguing.I shall look around the house to see what might interest others. Then I will go to bed.


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