Sunday, 2 October 2011

A Very UN Seasonal Sunday

White Clematis - Orange & Yellow Nasturtiums
Pink Fuschia - Blue Hibiscus
Joining the Tablescaper for Seasonal Sunday
Mary @the little red house for Mosaic Monday
this week
with these photographs taken around the garden yesterday.

Red geraniums - Yellow Marigolds - White Marguerite (self seeded!)
Red poppy

The thermometer on the patio climbed to 30C/86F
on the hottest day of 2011
 here at Le Presbytère.


  1. Yes unseasonal but oh so wonderful, a hot Sunday in October. Your photo's and collage are so lovely Maggie.Still lots of color in your garden.
    Have a nice day.

  2. Lovely to see the flowers still in your garden and the sunshine,a bit hot for me yesterday :-) Have a lovely Sunday and a good week. Jackie in Surrey,UK.

  3. Maggie,
    Cold and wet here. Organizing for trip back. I ship "stuff" so we just have carry-ons. We were supposed to go to the fair today. We shall see. I wouldn't want to get my camera wet or me for that matter.

  4. The flowers seem to be enjoying the heat Maggie, everything looks happy:@)

  5. And your garden is clearly thriving in the heat. Sadly, it is a different story here in The North.


  6. Wow, nasturtiums in October seem unusual! Everything so pretty - and your banner is stunning.

    Autumn wishes - I'd love to be in the vineyards right now!


  7. Isn't it funny how we all experience such different weather and wherever we are seems the norm. Very cool and rainy here, a good day for watching more films. Thanks for stopping by. Do come again.

  8. Oh my goodness!
    We are right on target here - some sun, some rain, some chill in the air.

  9. Maggie, it is a gorgeous weekend here as well. J & M are in summer clothes, but I'm in my jeans and sweater. Perfect weather! Your garden is beautiful. ;-)

  10. Still quite summery here in NY. Can't get into the Fall mode!
    I never knew there were pink forsythia!
    Great mosaic.

  11. That is warm! Nothing like summer showing her head again just after we thought she went away. Hot days are like a visiting relative. You are thrilled when they show up and love them but after a while they are just annoying and it is time for them to leave. :-)

  12. Lovely garden! So nice to see so many gorgeous blooms.

  13. Most unseasonal! But gorgeous. Enjoy the beauty of your garden.

  14. Hi Maggie-
    I've made my way to your BEAUTIFUL blog by way of my friend ( and yours) sweet Jenny. I am truly blown away by how lovely your blog is- your photos are stunning. I want to go back and read all about the gardens that you visited on the UK. I'm so enthralled with this wonderful blog-- so I've signed up to be your newest follower.

    I'm so looking forward to seeing your posts and learning more about the beautiful place that you call home. I would love to visit Normandy- it's on my short list---

    Thanks for all the special efforts you put into this wonderful blog- it's a lot of work- I know. Happy to meet you-- and I will certainly be back soon!

  15. Dear Maggie, We are sharing the same weather today and spent the last two days outside. It is wonderful. Your flowers look great and still thriving. I'm collecting seeds from the hollyhocks to take to Texas. I like your new header, so fallish and autumn-like.
    Appreciate your comment today. Everything is working okay as of an hour ago. xo Jenny

  16. Gorgeous flowers, they're so happy in the hot weather, I guess they're not ready for fall! Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing. Hugs, FABBY

  17. We had a low in the forties here (F). It is unusually cool! Nice mosaics!

  18. Lucky you to have such beauty still in your garden.

    Great to have you be a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  19. Wow, that is unseasonably warm. It has been colder than usual here. Your pics are beautiful!

  20. It must have been wonderful to have such heat in October. I've been taking gloves and a scarfe every time i leave the house...But it's not freezing at nights - that's very we're still smiling.

  21. Oh you've been having the odd hot weather that I've heard bloggers speak of getting in Britain. It must be very sweet on the one hand and quite uncomfortable on the other. Lovely for the end of growing season for the plants, of course.


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