Saturday, 3 December 2011

Sunday Favourites with Chari.

You may have noticed that I recently changed my header image to reflect the season.
 I may tweak it again during the next few days
 but in case I decide to leave the Bavarian Santa in pride of place
 I thought I'd share with you once more this explanatory post from last year.

I hadn't planned on blogging today as I've been busy decorating the Christmas tree for the dining room and baking more mince pies.
However, a comment left on my last post by a confused Jenny @ Jenny's Bouquets needs addressing tout suite!
This is what Jenny had to say.................
"I want to come to your house for Christmas! But, I can't find the head on your Bavarian Santa in your header. I keep looking for it every day but can't see it. I may be blind. All is beautiful!

Well, Jenny I'm pleased to say that you aren't going blind.

I do wonder though if anyone else is thinking that I may be displaying a headless St Nick??

The dear old man with his long white beard 
is so beautifully bundled up in his ivory coloured, fur trimmed robe and hood
 that it's very hard to see his little face.

So, here's a closeup.
 He has the bluest, kindest eyes I've ever seen.

A back view and a peek into his sack.

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  1. Smiling at the thought of Christmas in your beautiful home! I hope to start putting a few touches out around here this weekend. It's rainy (happy day) so a good time to stay at home and play with some decorations.
    Enjoy your weekend.
    Love ~ Sarah

  2. What a lovely Santa and after the close up I found him too. LOL..
    I will start decorating next week. I want a live tree but I don't want to put it up too early, it iwll loose its needles too soon then.
    Have a great weekend Maggie.

  3. And what a handsome face your Santa has

  4. He's just so bundled up because it's cold in Bavaria this time of year!

  5. Love your Bavarian Santa - but would he frighten the reindeer? My opinion of the usefulness of elephants as traction for Santa's sledges increases daily. I even bought a toy one at IKEA yesterday for £8. Looks like you'll be having a wonderful Christmas!

  6. Oh that Santa is beautiful! I do believe I would have to leave him out all year.

    You have such a lovely home.

    I came over from a post at Hyacinths For The Soul.

  7. I'd like a Christmas tour of your home now. I'm sure it is all beautifully appointed!
    xo Jenny

  8. Beautiful Santa..I did have to see the closeup pictures to see his head...but after seeing the closeups it easy to find his head on your header!! I'm busy decorating too..I enjoyed hearing about Sarah's trip to your lovely home and seeing the pictures.
    Miss Bloomers

  9. I know your home is beautiful through the holidays, your Santa is beautiful. hugs ~lynne~

  10. Ah yes, he's peeking out! :)
    I really like your header, Maggie. It's quite elegant. The colors are regal and very Christmasy.

  11. Beautiful Love that snata! Thanks foe visiting and sharing,

  12. Visiting from Chari's Happy to Design! I joined today too. LOVE your Santa. I love the old-fashioned Santa's... you are lucky to have one, he's beautiful!

  13. What a beautiful bundled up Santa. I can only imagine that the rest of your home is beautiful as well. I need to motivate myself to finish decorating the tree!

  14. I remember this post and had the same trouble. Lorrie said it best this year. Enjoy your preparations for Christmas Maggie!

  15. Lol, so glad you cleared that up! I wouldn't want all your readers storming the stores for a headless Santa!
    He is very handsome indeed!
    Enjoy the season!

  16. Hi Maggie...

    Ohh my...I just giggled while reading this post, dear lady! Poor Jenni...thinking that you had a "headless" Santa! So happy that you cleared that up! Hehe!

    I'm also glad that I got a peek at your Bavarian Santa! He's beautiful! Hmmm...can Santa be beautiful? I do love his long, white, furry robe and cap! Ohhh...and you've got to love that long, soft beard too! Yes...I think your Santa IS beautiful! Thanks for sharing him with us, Maggie! So happy to see you for Sunday Favorites this week, dear lady!

    Warmest Christmas Wishes,

  17. Maggie, I had a little chuckle at Jenny's expense over the headless Santa. I can see how she might have missed his head. I have a santa with the same problem, you have to look close to see the eyes peeking back. I think Bavarian Santa is gorgeous!

    The French Hutch

  18. Glad to know I was not the only one who thought Santa lost is head! He is dressed so beautifully that his twinkling eyes where hard to miss. You have such unique and beautiful items.


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