Friday, 20 January 2012


It's been a damp, cold and drizzly week in Normandy so far, no blue skies, crisp white snow or sunshine for us.
A week for staying indoors mooching around, doing chores, tidying, tweaking the mantle piece, excercising with Wii Fit, baking, and reading - lots of reading.
In 2010 some of you may have participated in food for thought hosted by Jain and may be interested to know that Jain and Mary @ home is where the boat is  are hosting food for thought once more with a list of 22 books to read, share and explore in 2012.
Click here for my review of the first book on the list "The Night Circus" over on my other blog

If you're in hibernating mood it's the perfect dreamy read for a cold wintry day.


  1. Thanks for your visit this morning Maggie. The book you describe sounds fascinating and the visual review was so artfully done. Enjoy the rest of the book!

  2. Sounds like you know just what to do when it is dreary outside. On my way to check out the links....

  3. We had two beautiful days this week but now we are again in the rain and grey days.
    Have a nice weekend

  4. More snow and freezing rain here, but I made it home yesterday and will not be budging! Your way of coping with the dull weather sounds just perfect to me!

  5. We had snow and rain and rain and rain (again)....puh....

  6. Reading is the perfect way to while away a rainy day. I have The Night Circus on my list of books to read.

  7. In the hill country on a get away with some girlfriends. Gorgeous weather with temps up to 80 today. I'd rather it were cold. ;-)
    I'm off to read your review. I'm on a waiting list at the library for Night Circus. ~ Sarah

  8. No hibernation for my, Maggie. I am back in the classroom with lots of reading to do--student writing. Some days I would love to sit and read and listen to the rain fall. But we don't get much rain around here either--that's why I drift way to enjoy blogs in far away lands Have good weekend.

  9. Still quite mild with a little rain yesterday - I would like a dusting of snow. Daffs. in bud but I think they survive snow don't they?

    Have lots of books to drop off at the used shop - then of course I'll be searching for more good reads there. Trying not to spend on new books for a while, so many oldies but goodies still on my list!

    Happy weekend dear.
    Mary X

  10. Maggie- hibernating sounds pretty good to me. Sometimes it's nice to just sort of do nothing. I'm anxious to read your latest book review so I'll be heading over there in a bit--

    Your winter has been mild just like ours. I hope that does not mean that we are going to get slammed later - like in March when we are all thinking about spring!


  11. Love how your described the book, sounds like a fantastic read.

    Snuggle in sweetie and enjoy your hibernation.

    Have a blessed week!!! :o)

  12. Hi Maggie,

    The wii sounds like a great diversion from housework... but of course reading a good book is better yet.

    Hope you get some sunshine soon!

    xoxo Bunny Jean

  13. Hi Maggie, Long night of storms here last night and we had rain for several days. Perfect time to pull out a good book. I'm going to add a few to my list from Jain and Mary. Love your daffodils……….mine are not blooming yet.

    The French Hutch

  14. Loved Night Circus, but when I read the second one on her list (which I DID finish, mainly because there were lots of stars after it on Amazon) I thought the writing was terrible. Wonder what you'll think?

    I downloaded the third but haven't started it. I've got too much going on with the Game Changer posts each week to add much to Jain's idea, but I'm reading the books anyway.

  15. It sounds like you are having the perfect weather for reading. Rain the books just go together. Maggie, thanks for sharing the photo editing options you use. I will have to check all these out and make some decisions about what will work best for me.


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