Tuesday, 10 January 2012

In which I return to Wii Fit Boot Camp

After many months of being AWOL I returned to Wii Fit boot camp for more punishment healthy exercise.
Sgt. Major Wii Board informed me that it had been 205 days since I last appeared on parade.
Although I was happy to learn that I had lost a few pounds, since that last training session, I soon realised that my Mini Mii - Em- needed a make-over, so, I updated the hairstyle (and colour!) changed eye glasses, refreshed her lipstick and headed for the track.

As my previous target weight/date had long passed I set a new one and devised a 45 -60 minute exercise programme to do every day.
Beginning with some simple yoga positions, followed by stretching and breathing, moving on to balance training (very important for the over sixties!), step class, jogging and cycling ending with more yoga and stretching.
I may (or may not) keep you up to date on my progress, my hope is to shed a couple of kilos before our visit to the Amalfi coast in April, which I’m assured will call for a lot of walking.
Have you started a new exercise regime this month?
Losing weight and getting fit comes in at #1 on Time Magazine’s Top Ten Commonly Broken New Year’s Resolutions, I have tried and failed to fulfil this resolution myself many times.
This time I'm thinking more "taking care of my health in a positive way" rather than setting some impossible goal which I'll never reach, maybe this is the year I’ll succeed?


  1. Good for you, Maggie! I have my daily walking routine, but need to add more since I've dropped the gym. ;-)
    The chef and I have both lost some lbs. He of course doing it much faster than me. Tis a struggle for sure.
    Wet and cold yesterday and cold and windy today. Doesn't encourage me to get outside to walk.
    Hope your day was beautiful. ~ sarah

  2. Good luck Maggie!! Phil and I try and do some walking, we were at Wisley Saturday and Bosham Sunday, so plenty of exercise and fresh air, it makes you so hungry though!!
    Jackie in Surrey, UK.

  3. I hope you'll post about your progress once in a while Maggie - it will help some of us who are struggling to put together a regimen and stick with it. I have the goal of a May wedding - four months!

  4. Ha!!!! My resolution THIS year IS NOT to make ANY resolutions.



  5. You are totally self-motivated Maggie. I am so impressed! I go to classes and suffer along with others. If I had to make myself do it alone, it would never happen.

  6. I actually started before Thanksgiving, and I have lost 16.5 lbs. so far. :D I need to get off the weight I gained after surgery last year.

    You should be very encouraged that you have lost, too. Wii Fit is a fun way to exercise.

    Maybe you and I can encourage each other, Maggie!

    Ricki Jill

  7. Go Maggie GO.
    Hope it works it's so hard to get motivated at this time of year but the Wii sounds like fun!

  8. Maggie,

    I know I need to do more. I have so many physical limitations. I am going to start with some stretching. I don't have Wii - I shall look into it.

    Hope you are having a good week. The weather here has been wonderful.


  9. Way to go, Maggie!! Lend me some of your motivation... I say that as I sit here with a cup of tea and a shortbread cookie. :)
    Keep up the good work,

  10. Good for you girl! I am lacking in motivation. Need a wedding invitation.

  11. Any kind of exercise is hard, but this looks fun, too. I love your little person!! We all need a touch of lipstick before we hit the track. One never knows who one might meet!

    Best wishes on your goals!


  12. Oh you are an inspiration. I have thought of getting a Wii just for one purpose: exercise and now you have inspired me. Could be more fun than the dumb treadmill that sits next to my bed. So good luck and keep us updated on your progress.

  13. Go for it Maggie! My computer addiction has me sitting in a chair waaaay too much. Good luck with your exercise program. It sounds very ambitious. laurie

  14. Stretch for me too please Maggie..............I've gained back a couple of lbs. since getting home. Methinks it's time to pack a bag and travel again - I seem to do better when not sitting within the vicinity of the 'frig all day long!

    Good luck - know you will do it.
    Hugs - Mary

  15. You can do it, Maggie. Your trip to the Amalfi coast is a good motivator.

  16. Good luck Maggie. I am interested in this Wii thing, must ask my grandchildren about it. I started my diet on the 6th of December after several birthday parties and I lost two and a half kilo's since.. Gained a little at Christmas and New year's eve but got rid of those right away. MInd you, with the help of a dieticion. She showed me where my calories came from and now I actually eat more but better. Loosing weight will go a lot slower than when I was younger but I don't want to get more wrinkles if I can help it LOL so slow is the word. I want to loose 6 more kilo's or so and then I can fit in a lot of my chothes again and feel better.
    So let us keep motivated all together, maybe it helps.:)))))))
    Have a nice day.

  17. Good for you starting again. A trip is great motivation. Last year I was dedicated with my trip to Italy in mind. This year I need inspiration but once a person starts and there's a new pattern formed it gets easier. Best of luck to you!

  18. OK, you reminded me that I actually have a Wii and need to USE it!

  19. Hi Maggie!

    I've been reading back on your blog to see what I might have missed.

    I think I might have to try the Wii Fit. My experience at the gym this week has not been too successful. In fact I'm sitting here right now instead of trying out the Zumba class. Just too afraid it will end up like Tuesday's "Mat Express" where I felt like a fat turtle flipped on his back!

    xoxo Bunny Jean


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