Friday, 27 January 2012

Pink Saturday

The opening page of my 2012 scrapbook.
A nostalgic look back at my 4 year old self as a bridesmaid to Joan.
The journaling reads:
Learn from yesterday
Live for today
Hope for tomorrow

Joining Beverley @How Sweet The Sound
Pink Saturday

At last week's Pink Saturday gathering I discovered a wonderful blog that I know many of you already follow.
A Scrapbook of Inspiration is a truly scrumptious place 
and Karen has very generously offered to share some of her beautiful designs with us all.
Click here to see them for yourself


  1. What a sweet thing you were in your bridal finery. You must have been so excited, at four, to be given such a big responsibility. I've just bought the dresses for our Lillypad's two little flower girls - white organza, adorable.

  2. Nice to see such a lovely little girl in all her finery! You must enjoy your scrapbooking hours!

  3. what a lovely little bridesmaid you were. So sweet.
    Happy pink Saturday

  4. That is so sweet and lovely! Happy Pink Saturday!

  5. What a sweetie you are in your beautiful dress!
    Your scrapbook has a beautiful beginning. I have never done one, but yours makes me want to try!
    Jil ♥

  6. What an adorable start to your 2012 scrapbook!! Thanks for sharing. Happy Pink Saturday!! ~Lorraine ♥♥♥

  7. Hi Maggie, what a lovely way to start your scrapbook for this year. I love the little girl pic in her frills.
    Happy Pink Saturday…….

    The French Hutch

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  9. What a fabulous photo and memory to start of your scrapbook. Happy Pink Saturday! ~Marti

  10. I am not into that, but find it very interesting what others do.

  11. How adorable! What a fabulous picture. Happy Pink Saturday. Grace

  12. What a pretty scrapbook cover! You look darling as a little bridesmaid!

    Have a lovely weekend, Maggie!


  13. Maggie, I'm impressed that you've started a 2012 album. Love seeing this sweet photo of you as a flower girl at 4. I've got one of myself at this age as a flower girl. I'm sure I thought I was a princess. I do know I played in that dress for many months to follow. ;-)
    Thanks for sharing this. ~ Sarah

  14. A hope for tomorrow. What a great thing to think about!



  15. Maggie,

    I need to make a scrapbook. I love paper crafts and for a while I was quite involved in rubber stamp art. There just do not seem to be enough hours in the day.

    Your page is beautiful.


  16. I just realized, I was never a bridesmaid! Probably because I left England before any of my cousins or close friends were married - and of course didn't have the money to take a lot a trips home in the sixties when weddings started happening. Oh my, I feel left out, I would have loved to have had a dress like that - you were so adorable Maggie!

  17. Memories are so sweet! You were so lucky to stand up for a wedding at four. You looked like such a lovely lady.
    Joyce M

  18. What a beautiful beginning for your scrapbook!

  19. Hi Maggie,

    It was so interesting to read about your family history. I know exactly how you feel when people ask you if you're Julie or Margaret. I am Leslie Denise, but my parents chose to call me Denise because my father is Dennis. My husband is also called by his middle name. It causes so much confusion with all kinds of medical forms and legal forms.

    When I was pregnant, my husband and I vowed we would not call our child, whether he or she, by their middle name. And so, our son is William Gregory, and we've always called him Will. So much easier I think.

    I love your old family photographs; the clothing is so neat! Visiting from Pink Saturday. Hope you have a great weekend!


  20. Very nice it does take allot of timeHave a nice week

  21. Your journal will be a great adventure and a wonderful treasure. Keep us posted on your progress.

  22. Such a grat layout and what a precious memory to have. Lovely.


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