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Alphabe- Thursday - K is for Kedgeree

For Alphabe - Thursday this week with Mrs Matlock a dish you might not have tried - Kedgeree.
Kedgeree is an Anglo – Indian dish of onions, basmati rice, cooked smoked haddock, peas, hard boiled eggs, curry powder, parsley, cream and butter which was introduced into Victorian Britain from colonial India.

It is a very simple dish to make and perfect for brunch or supper.
In series one of Downton Abbey kedgeree is one of the first dishes that Mrs Patmore prepares for Lord and Lady Grantham and "the girls".

Some people make kedgeree using leftover rice and fish but like Mrs Patmore I make it from scratch!

Using the ingredients mentioned above, this is what you do……………..
In a large pan poach 250g undyed smoked haddock (+ 2 bay leaves) in 250 ml of water for about 5 minutes, drain and reserve the cooking liquor.
Discard the bay leaves and flake the fish into bite size pieces.
Put 100g basmati rice in a small saucepan with the reserved cooking liquor, simmer until rice is cooked. Remove from the heat and allow to stand until all the liquid is absorbed by the rice.
Meanwhile place 2 (or 3 if you’re hungry) large, free range eggs in a saucepan of cold water, bring to the boil and cook for about 8 minutes.
Remove the eggs when cooked and plunge into a shallow bowl of ice water, when they are cool enough to handle peel the eggs and cut each one into quarters, set aside.
In a small saucepan cook 50g of frozen peas, whilst this is happening melt 20g of butter and 1 table sp sunflower oil in a large frying pan. Add a finely chopped onion and fry gently until cooked and slightly golden in colour. Add 1 tablesp of curry powder and fry for another couple of minutes.
Tip the cooked basmati rice and drained peas in with the curried onions.
Next add 2 table sp chopped parsley, 2 table sp crème fraiche, flaked haddock and quartered hard boiled eggs.

Pop a lid on the pan and cook gently until the eggs and fish are warmed through.

Transfer to a serving dish or dot some butter over the top of the kedgeree, cover with foil and place in a preheated oven to keep hot until needed.

Serves 2 if they’re hungry and 3 if they’re not.

Talking of Mrs Patmore…………….are you a Downton fan?
Do you prefer upstairs or downstairs?
Do you know which character asked:
 “A weekend. What is a weekend”?
Or who said:
 “Friends? Who does she think she’s fooling? We’re not friends.”

Whether you’ve only just met the Cawleys, or can find your way around Downton as easily as Thomas the footman, call back here at the weekend for a chance to win The World Of Downton Abbey by Jessica Fellowes.

The Rivalry and Romance Revealed and the Secrets and History unlocked. 
Jenny Matlock

Joining Jenny Matlock @ off on my tangent
for  Alphabe-Thursday
where the letter K is our subject this week.


  1. Your dish looks delicious! I love love love Downton Abbey and have finished the second season/series. The inside look guide looks really interesting!

  2. I will definitely have to try this! I am a sucker for curry...

    I'll check out the show also!

  3. Your food looks delicious. Like Rocky Mountain Woman, I love curry.

  4. Oh my yummmmmieness!!!! This looks so good, and a recipe to recreate! I really like the dishes with the writing on them too...Kedgeree has it's own plate cool is that!

  5. Kedgeree it sounds good and I must have heard it on Downton Abbey. I love love love Downton Abbey and I can't wait for the third series to begin. I didn't miss one episode. My favorite is the old mother .Can;t remember her name.
    Nice K word

  6. I fear this Ozark gal has not even heard of Kedgeree, little lone tasted it but it sounds wonderful.

    Thanks for the recipe...I love new adventures. Especially when ya can eat 'em!

    God bless ya and have a grand sorta day!!! :o)

  7. Hi Maggie~ I'm out of the loop with Downtown Abbey but I'm a huge fan of Maggie Smith! I need to find the series on DVD and get caught up. Love your dinnerware~ perfect plates for Kedgeree!

  8. Maggie, I remember you telling me about this when I saw the word on these dishes. (I'm still seriously coveting a set of my own!) This looks good. ;-)
    You need to head over to Alison's @ The Polohouse and link up some photos of Mr. Ben and Fleur. It's Pet Day for Favorites on 1st. ~ Sarah

  9. I have only watched the first episode of Downton Abbey, but I have all of the first, and part of the 2nd pvr'd ... i'm just waiting for a good time to start watching the whole series, it looks wonderful!

  10. This dish sounds lovely...I like all of the ingredients and I bet they are marvelous together! Looks good, too!

    I have heard a lot of good things about Downton Abbey, but have yet to watch it. Maybe I can start and then catch up with the earlier episodes later. Sounds great!


  11. Yummy dinner. We get Downton Abbey here on our public television, but I have not gotten hooked, though it is all the rage here. I do enjoy British tv, especially the comedies. My favorite is "Are You Being Served." It ran for years on our PBS station. Loved it.

  12. I love curry so I may have to give this a go.

  13. Kedgeree sounds/looks unusual, so it goes on my list of things to try out:)
    Love Downton Abbey,Foyle's War, Sherlock Holmes, and doc Martin - I'm puzzled (joking) why they're all English shows -I'm Dutch, for goodness sake!

  14. TGD would be very happy if I'd make this for him - it was often on the menu at Military College on a weekend morning. I think I'd like it too.
    I am a big fan of Downton Abbey - love Maggie Smith and Lord Grantham - he's just so pathetically ill-equipped for the 20th century!

  15. I am addicted to Downton Abbey and I don't like Thomas lurking around it this season. This dish looks wonderful!

  16. How interesting! Who doesn't like adventuring into new foodies!!!
    Happy K Day!

  17. The dish reminds me of two dishes, paella and oriental fried rice. Looks easy.

    I love your dishes!~Ames

  18. Just popping in because I saw your name on Pink Saturday and anything related to Normandy rocks for me! two years ago I had the privilege of visiting your region on a day trip. It wasn't long enough, and while my time in France this year may not allow for the side trip, I remain enchanted by your beautiful countryside!

    Downton Abbey is a huge hit here in the US. I just gave the book you mentioned to a friend this past weekend but not without spending a good deal of time sneaking a peek! I work at a public television station and the response of our viewers is overwhelming. In the states we're at the episode where William dies and Matthew is injured. The news here is that Shirley MacLaine is joining the series next year as Cora's mother! That should add some fireworks! Nice to be here -- Do stop by The Marmelade Gypsy" -- my primary blog; I'd love to "meet you" there, too!

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  20. Yum, I've never had kedgeree but it sure looks good to me.

    Yes, I am definitely a fan of Downton Abbey! Can hardly wait till Sunday eve for the next installment...

  21. I love Downton Abbey! Probably like downstairs better, but there's some mean people down that I could do without. But then, you wouldn't have the drama, now would you! Looks like a great dish! {:-Deb

  22. Oh yum. Kedgeree looks delicious!! I love fish! And curry! And everything else that's in there. I am loving Downton Abbey.. I look forward to Sunday nights when it comes on. I love Maggie Smith and Penelope Wilton! I don't know if I've ever seen little Sophie McShera (Daisy) or Joanne Froggatt (Anna) in anything before or not, but I love their characters!!

  23. I've often read about Kedgeree, and knew it had something to do with smoked fish, but other than that, nothing. So your recipe is very interesting to me and sounds delicious!

    I'm a latecomer to Downton Abbey. Not wanting to watch Season Two without any background, I obtained Season One and LOVED it. Now I have to get Season Two, because I can't begin in the middle of the season, can I?

    It's delightful. I'm looking forward to watching it again just to focus on the decor and the costuming.

  24. Oh, and I'm fond of both Upstairs and Downstairs. Upstairs makes me laugh with the archaic attitudes they often portray, while Downstairs is rife with plotting and secrets.

  25. Maggie - I have the Emma Bridgewater 'toast & marmalade & kedgeree' plates too - use one for my breakfast (I adore crisp toast and of course English marmalade) but I have yet to actually make kedgeree - maybe not had it since childhood sad to say! I'll have to give it a shot soon.

    Crazy about Downton Abbey - now watching series 2 on sunday evenings and it just gets better and better. Dame Maggie gets better and better as well - she has been one amazing actress for so long!

    Thanks for a chance to win the book - it would be a great read I'm sure.

    Happy weekend dear.
    Mary X

  26. Maggie, my husband and sons would adore this dish. They like anything with curry in it. Curry is one of the few seasonings my stomach really, really has aversion to.

    Those dishes are so kool.

    And so is this wonderful post!

    Thanks for sharing it for the letter "K".



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