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The World of Downton Abbey - a Giveaway!

“Welcome to the world of Downton Abbey a place that has captivated an audience of millions, all following the lives of one family and their servants against a backdrop of a fading Edwardian society. All of us can recognize a familiar character amongst them; Violet the Dowager Countess, the old fashioned grandmother; Mary Edith and Sybil, the squabbling sisters; Robert and Cora, the loving parents; or Rosamund, the interfering sister-in-law.”

Jessica Fellowes the author of The World of Downton Abbey is an established writer and editor. She has worked for the Mail on Sunday and for four years was Deputy Editor of Country Life magazine.
"Downton Abbey portrays a world of elegance and decadence, a world of duty and obedience and a world of romance and rivalry: this companion book, full of rich historical detail, takes fans deeper into that period than ever before.
Step inside one of the most beautiful houses in Britain, past Carson the butler at the front door and into the grand hallway. Catch a glimpse of the family having drinks in the drawing room before dinner, dressed in their evening finery, whilst Lord Grantham finishes writing a letter in his study. Then climb the grand sweeping staircase to the maze of rooms upstairs and peak through Lady Mary’s open door to see Anna, her maid, tidying scent bottles and jewellery on the ornate dressing table. Follow Anna down the servants’ stairs and into the kitchens to watch Mrs Patmore frantically preparing dinner. Mrs Hughes keeps a watchful eye from her study and the world of Downton comes alive before you.
Experience the inner workings of the downstairs life and be dazzled by the glamour of upstairs life with profiles of all the major characters, interviews with the actors, behind the scenes insights and in-depth information on costumes and props."
Amazon review.

When Downton Abbey first appeared on British TV screens on Sunday evenings during the autumn of 2010 it was a huge success and received many awards and nominations and I was hooked!
The second series which aired last autumn and the Christmas special that followed were even better (no spoilers but who doesn't love a happy ending?) and I’m very happy that a third series has been commissioned and will be shown later this year.
To receive this beautiful book on Christmas morning was the icing on the cake.
The photographs throughout are wonderful and it is packed with historical facts and information about life in England before, during and after the First World War, and the changes wrought as a result of it.

“Before the First World War, 1.4 million people were employed as domestic servants. It was one of the largest single employment groups – just outnumbering agricultural workers and coal miners – and was largely made up of women. Around 15 – 20 per cent of this number would have been working in the houses of the nobility and the landed gentry”.

To win a brand new copy of The World of Downton Abbey (I’m keeping mine!) all you have to do is answer this question correctly.
In series one Kemal Pamuk, the son of a Turkish Diplomat, was a guest at Downton - how did he die?
Was it:
a) He was thrown from his horse whilst out riding with the Hunt
b) He choked on a fish bone during dinner
c) He suffered a heart attack whilst making love to Lady Mary

To receive 1 chance to win just leave a comment, answer the question correctly and your name will be entered into the draw twice.
The winners name will be picked at random and announced in my post when I join Laurie's Valentine's par-tay on Friday, February 10th.


  1. I was trying to explain to my husband last night that this series is a huge hit. It's on PBS, right? Can you explain to me how to get a copy of the series from the very beginning? Do I have to buy it or do we rent it? I don't want to jump into in the middle. My aunt who is a huge football fan says she'll only watch HALF of the Super Bowl because this series will come on during that block of time. Wow!
    Great posting!
    Ladybug Creek

  2. I'm intrigued by this excellent series. Everything is so beautifully filmed - the sets, the costumes - and the casting is perfection. The answer is (c) and it was a shame such a handsome guy had such a short part in the series, ha! ha!

    This book would be a delightful read I'm certain - especially as I'm so interested in anything pre/post WWI regarding British family life as I know some of my own family were in service for a while.

    Also, thrilled to hear of another series in the works, and hope so much we get to see the Christmas special over here some day.

    Thanks Maggie dear for adding my name to the draw.

    Enjoying the weekend en France hopefully.
    Hugs - Mary

  3. yes, a so wonderful saga: I am so impatient for the pursuit about this....

    For the answer at the question, its "c"

    you are so kind to choose a winner and give away a copy of this aristocratic family history ..
    my best

  4. I said I would be back for Downton Abbey, and here I am!! Oh, I so agree with you. It was wonderful to get away from the world and watch this super series. I thought the Christmas Special was absolutely fantastic! Please may I be entered into your giveaway. I believe that he died in bed whilst making love to Lady Mary. Have a lovely weekend.

  5. Hi Maggie. I was so happy to hear that a third series is coming. I am a hughe fan of Downton Abbey, didn't know there was a book. Would love to enter the give away and the answer to your question is C.
    Have a nice weekend!

  6. I love Downton Abbey
    My grandmother was in service to Lord and Lady Gamage [of Gamages store] and Sir James Whitehead, Baronet.

    The answer is 'c'

    Hoping Julian Fellowes comes up with more goodies when his 'Titanic' project is finished

    weekend blessings !

  7. Hi Maggie, my daughter and hubby gave Phil this wonderful book at Christmas and we would highly recommend it. Also anyone visiting the UK this year should try and visit Highclere Castle, a great day out. We are hoping to get there again this year, we last visited before the series started. I believe there is a box set edition of series 1 and 2 available on DVD here, the Christmas special was great.Hope you are keeping warm, have a good weekend both of you, Jackie in Surrey, UK.

  8. OH, I would love to win. We can assume he made died while making love since they appeared to be headed that way and she dragged him out of her bedroom dead hoping nobody would see. So, C.


  9. Hi Maggie.. I am a huge fan of Downton Abbey and now I have got my daughter watching also!! I have also been watching Sherlock.. Yes I watch alot of PBS. Have a great day...

  10. I love Downton Abbey and the right answer is "c".... :-)

  11. C! I hope the tv world takes note of all the Downton love and other great programs are in development!

  12. The answer is (C) of course! I'm thrilled to hear there is a third series commissioned, and that there is a Christmas Special out there somewhere. Right now I'm ensconced before the television on Sunday evenings enjoying Series II. The book would be marvelous! Thank you for your generous give-away.

  13. The answer is (c) and of course that untimely and unsavoury death has been the cause of some upset in series two. I didn't mind seeing him go as he wasn't good husband material!
    As soon as the series is available as a collection I will buy it and add it to my favourites. We PVR all the episodes for now and I watch them more than once.

  14. Although I live in the States in New England, I much prefer watching the shows on the British network. I have all of my own favorites. Our Publish Broadcasting Station runs this series. I can't get enough of it, so I am glad that there is another series in the works.

    Hope you have a beautiful weekend.


  15. "C" is the answer to this question. Poor Lady Mary.

    Thanks for adding my name to the giveaway draw.

    I do hope you stay warm and cozy in the snow.

  16. #C of course! What a scandal! We are definitely fans here. Hooked on this series! ~ Sarah

  17. Hi Maggie-
    I know- I know---- it's letter C!! I love this show-- totally totally love it!

    Thanks for sharing the book- someone is going to love this win!

  18. Maggie,

    I have just started watching this after hearing all the talk in Blogland. The answer is c. I am really enjoying this and just ordered Season 2!


  19. I'm excited. I adore this show and was talking about it with a girlfriend last night.

    The answer is (c). Please count me in.
    Carolyn xx

  20. Maggie, you have written a nice background for the show. My dear friend is keeping up with it. One day when I subscribe to Net Flix, perhpas I can catch up if Net flix has the series. It's a huge hit here, too.

  21. The answer is C. Love and adore Maggie Smith in this series.

  22. Wow!what a great give-away. I just loved Downton Abbey. Maggie Smith is just perfect for this part as her face says it all. sunday evenings are not the same. I am alos looking forward to seeing the new series Titianic written by Julian fellowes.
    With all my ramblings I just about forgot to leave the answer to the question. It is 'C'
    Happy week

  23. Well, it's C! Mary and the TUrkish diplomat! I do hope to win this fabulous book!

    And, I'll send a message to Karen, but you can watch online from the beginning or get copies at (probably) Amazon or in the SHOP section!

  24. I saw your link on Lorrie's site... and when I saw 'Downton Abbey, I knew I had to pop over.

    I love the series.... the opulence and the intrigue. And being a great fan of Maggie Smith for years, I love her portray of the dowager.

    I love Lady Mary and I hope she finds her heart's desire at the end of all this turmoil.

    In answer to your question, "C" would be the correct answer.

    Thanks for the opportunity to join in your give-away.

  25. I know, I know! the answer is c) He suffered a heart attack whilst making love to Lady Mary.
    Downton Abbey is one of my favorite programs and I can't wait to see the next episode tonight. I'm so glad another series is being planned.

  26. I love Downton Abbey. I was so happy to hear there will be a season 3 in Sept.!
    I can't wait till 9 tonight to see it!
    Letter c.
    Thanks for the give away Maggie!

  27. I haven't missed an episode. The answer is "C".

  28. This is one of my favourite series too! What a great Christmas Special they made :))

    The correct answer is c)he died in Mary's bed because of a heart attack.


  29. The answer is C.
    Thanks so much for doing this give away. I love the Downton Abbey series!

  30. C.

    Is Jessica Fellowes related to Julian??

    And what a wonderful posting!

  31. Of course it's "C"! Poor Mr. Pamuk's untimely and scandalous demise fueled future plots indeed! Wonderful series!

  32. Oops! I can't answer it Maggie because I haven't seen the series yet. I hated to start watching in the middle of the season and one of my kids ordered the DVD for me. Haven't gotten it yet. But I know I'm going to love it because I loved Gosford Park.

  33. Love the series -- so glad we still have more to watch.

    Answer is C.

  34. Well I love Downton Abbey, I have been watching it on my PBS on Sundays. "Weekend? What's a weekend?

    Your answer is the following:
    He suffered a heart attack whilst making love to Lady Mary


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