Friday, 6 July 2012

Hydrangeas in bloom

This sweet little hydrangea was blindingly white when I bought it at Easter, it hasn't grown one centimetre in size since then but it has changed colour.
Over the weeks it has gradually changed colour and now it is a gorgeous shade of green, au natural, no artificial colouring involved!
I was so intrigued by this that I looked for an answer on google and found an very interesting little article on a website called Gardening Know How.
Click here if you would like to know more.

Out in the garden my white hydrangea bush is thriving, due to all the rain we've been having no doubt.
Before the flowers open completely they have a green tinge.

It is quite possible, as I'm sure all of you gardeners out there will know, that you can change a pink hydrangea to blue by adding aluminium sulfate to the soil.

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  1. They are beautiful. I have the pinks, too. Just love them every day. Have a good weekend. We're watching Le Tour. xo Jenny

  2. I love your little green hydrangea! :D What I don't understand is how I have vivid blue and pale pink blooms on the same bush :/ This is only the second year we've had them, and I need to read a book about the care and feeding of hydrangeas!


  3. Your hydrangeas are beautiful Maggie. I see them everywhere these days in the most beautiful colors. I love them

  4. The green hydrangea looks SO healthy...what a pretty color!


  5. I love hydrangeas! The blue ones, in particular. I have one large bush that is mostly blue but a few branches have purplish blooms. Your green bloom is gorgeous. Will you be planting it outdoors?

  6. You know I long to have a hydrangea bush growing in our garden, but instead will savor the photos of yours. I do have fresh cut hydrangeas in the house though. ;-)
    Have a terrific weekend......Sarah

  7. I have three hydrangea bushes here, and one of them has decided to flower this year - joy! The other two have decided to go on being green shrubs for the time being.

  8. Lovely! Hydrangea are such a wonderful flower. I so wish that we could have them here... but just isn't going to happen. :) I'll just have to enjoy yours. :)

    Thank you for joining in for Fresh-Cut Friday! :)

  9. your hydrangeas are so lovely. One day I hope to live in a place where I could have them in my garden. Enjoy your garden!

  10. We do have some of those too, in our yard...
    Lovely! And a lovely blog too...
    xx blueshell

  11. Gorgeous! Pinks are my favorite and I've seen the dark purplish pinks which I love. But the green is so pretty, new to me!

  12. Lovely flowers, very pretty.
    C xx

  13. My white hydrangeas are in full flower now, and will green out at the end of the season. These are especially beautiful blooms, Maggie!

  14. Maggie, I do think the ice cream would melt by the time it reached you!
    I love hydrangeas and enjoy propagating them.
    I have different colors growing next to each other, so I can't understand that theory. I tried adding epson salts to the soil of the pinks to make them blue with no luck!


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