Tuesday, 3 July 2012

photo(s) du jour - potager update

It's been a while since I blogged about my vegetable garden, truth be told I'm a little ashamed of the state that it is in right now.
It's so empty, due to low temps there are no tomatoes or runner beans this year.
Mr Ben must have thought it was all looking too bleak so decided to fill up a corner for me.

It's hard to keep on top of all the weeds with all the rain we've been having.
They are growing, well, like weeds!

I went out this morning to try and clear some ground for a new row of green beans but only managed to clear a footpath before it started "spitting".

I got a shock when I went to check on our first crop of yellow raspberries, which we were looking forward to eating, the birds had got there first.
Nary a one was left, I guess I'll have to wait until next year to find out whether they taste good.

So, far the birds are staying clear of my blueberries.
Even so there may only be enough for one batch of muffins this year.

Quite a few of the lettuces have already gone to seed, I pulled some up but left the rocket to sway gently in the wind, it looks so pretty still.

This is what the potager should be looking like this month, looking back at photos from last summer makes me realise how much we're missing this year.

What do you get
if you divide the circumference of a pumpkin
 by its diameter?

Pumpkin pi.


  1. Too much rain for you; bloody heat for us. Is there ever a perfect season for gardening? We have planted tomatoes 3 times, thinking that some were dying; now we have 30 bushes. And yes the weeds keep coming. They have a mind of their own.

  2. Our garden is still behind yours but doing much better than usual because of all the rain we've had. Our corn was knee high by the first of July so we hope it will mature and make a good crop. Hope the sun will shine for you this week !

  3. Ha! Love the pumpkin joke. We've had rain and cold, too, but my garden is doing not too poorly. The pole beans are very slow, and we have tomatoes under a partial greenhouse so they are doing well - lots of green but few blossoms setting. Gardening is really an iffy adventure, isn't it?

    Here's hoping for sun for BC and for Normandy!

  4. I only have a container garden this year because my pups like to pull the plants out and play with them :( Maybe next year! Mr Ben looks so sweet relaxing by the garden!
    Love the joke :)

  5. Sad that your garden is not what you wanted this year but Mr Ben makes the picture so nice

  6. Ah! warmer days will come and in the meantime Mr Ben has a nice spot all of his own. I've never liked gardening in the rain ... too cold for my hands.

  7. Wow. I am so sorry that the weather has been so horrible for you! But I did see your blueberries :D

    The pumpkin joke is funny....love it.....

    We have had 100 degree days, then the rains come and the temperature drops 25 degrees....so happy to see the rain!


  8. We brought okra seeds from Texas. They barely made it out of the ground. The jalapenos are alive but don't think they're growing much. So, my dear, your garden is much better than my non-existent pottage. xo Jenny

  9. We are going to have a very small crop of tomatoes as well this year. Too many cool days for blossoms to set last month. Hopefully with warmer weather they will start blooming again. Better luck with your garden this month.

  10. Rick has a wee potager this year. (I do, too, but it's all in pots!). I was telling him that was what it was called and I thought, someday I must ask someone how it's pronounced -- as spelled Poe-teh-ZHER? Or POT-a-ger?


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