Monday, 10 September 2012

Last of the summer vide - greniers

On our way home from the Sunday walk we stopped in a local village to check out what was probably the last vide grenier of the year.
I wish that I could show you the beautiful vintage linens and antique pottery which I found there.
I know of several bloggers living in France who always find the most wonderful decorative pieces for their homes and on line shops.
You may know them too.

Hélas, I found nothing at all that spoke to me or demanded to be taken home to live with us!

Was I wrong?

Perhaps it was a mistake to leave this Vallauris leaf shaped platter behind?

Now that I think about it, maybe it would look good in the centre of a Fall tablescape?

Vallauris pottery is produced in south eastern France and is quite popular with collectors, although it's not really to my taste.
I remember that many years ago I found a set of 8 oyster plates, at a brocante fair in Paris, which I listed for sale on ebay as "the ugliest oyster plates I have ever seen".
That turned out to be a battle of an auction and although I can't remember the end price I do know that they fetched a lot more than I paid for them.
Have a great week!


  1. You were right. It was fun looking, though. xo Jenny

  2. Hi Maggie,Some People find the most beautiful things but I am never that lucky. It is nice looking tho.

  3. I'm never very lucky at those kinds of sales. Until I get home and think of something that I wish I'd purchased. I think the plate would make a great addition to a fall vignette.

  4. I love seeing how different things are at French sales -- and how much the same they are, too!

  5. Maggie, it's fun to be out and about at these even if one doesn't bring something home. In big D with Susan and Frenchy. Will catch up soon. They say hi!
    Hugs to you and senior partner......Sarah

  6. If you will use something only once a year it may not be the wisest purchase Maggie.. I think that your were right to walk away from that collection of things. I do enjoy looking at gently used items though, in comparison to looking at all the newly arrived items from China. I don't need or want any of that.

  7. I think you were right deciding there was nothing for you, what a shame. I like your latest header photo.


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