Sunday, 16 December 2012

A Pause in Advent

My beautiful handmade Christmas nest created by
the very talented & gracious Vicki Boster.
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I’m sure that I am only one among many on this third Sunday in Advent to be pausing, for more than just a minute or two, to think about the heartbroken, devastated families of the women and children murdered inside Sandy Hook Elementary school, Connecticut on Friday morning.
The media is full of reports of the tragedy; I read in the Sunday Times this morning some incredible stories of bravery shown by the teachers whilst shielding their charges from the gunman. 
They hid them in cupboards, closets and bathrooms.
Over the coming days more details will emerge about what happened to those beautiful six and seven year olds.
First graders who were expecting their parents to arrive at the classroom door very soon, to build gingerbread houses together.
But the only question on my mind right now is why, in the name of everything that is holy did the mother of murderer Adam Lanza who also died by his hand, feel the need to possess a semi-automatic assault rifle and keep it in her home?


  1. It is such a tragedy. Enno and I have been watching the reports all day Saturday. Questions, questions. My son just felt the need to buy a gun, got a license, took the course and got it. There is a great fear in the world today. Too much darkness. Pray that Jesus brings back the light that can only be found in Him. xo Jenny

  2. We are all asking the same questions, Maggie. What will it take to keep our children safe? At the university where I work, we had a situation which thankfully the campus and city police handled brilliantly and the crazy guy ended up in prison in Texas. As faculty working in the place at the school which was to be his target, we were trained (saw a film) on what to do. The teachers at Sandy Hook did all that they could do to save their children. In the states we live in a gun culture, but far worse we have so many people who don't have hope, who are ill, and it seems that no one pays any attention to them.

  3. Maggie,
    I don't understand why a woman with a child with mental health problems would have a gun either much less three of them. Sad times. Gun control is only one part of the problem - need to look at violent entertainment industry as well a media who glorify these events.


  4. I have to concur with Carol at Serendipity. I love the USA and I am horrified by the gun culture that enables the evil/ill/angry to act out their feelings in the worst possible way. When will things change?

  5. Maggie, I can't wrap my head and heart around any of this. I tear up just thinking about it. The US needs to wake up and do something about a culture that allows easy access to guns and an entertainment industry that glorifies violence.
    I've been AOL and not on the computer much so had missed your beautiful posts below. What gorgeous images! And the new header is awesome. ;-)
    Hugs to you and the senior partner and Mr. Ben and Fleur.

  6. Hi Maggie!
    We're all praying, and reeling.

  7. And I keep thinking about the mental illness factor. Our society doesn't really like to talk about mental illness. There are so many unanswered questions about the shooter but didn't someone along the way realize he was troubled? So many unanswered questions but even if we find answers, nothing can bring back the loved ones that have been lost. It is heartbreaking.

  8. It's an absolute tragedy and cannot understand how in a small town in America a women the killers mother would fill the need for one gun let alone three.
    Those poor young children did't have a chance, like you my thoughts have to be with all those that have lost their loved ones.

  9. We followed the news here too and the only word I can sa is WHY. Those poor people who,lost their family.

  10. We are a country in sadness, Maggie -- and one with few answers. I wish I could wrap them all in your beautiful Christmas nest and take away their hurt. There is so little to say.

    I do love your new blog banner -- it's a spot I'd love to be!

  11. I'm asking myself the same questions as the others. And cannot get my mind around the gun culture so prevalent in the USA.

    The nest is beautiful. Where do you display it? Do you put anything into it? Such a tactile piece of art.

  12. Maggie-- how sweet you are-- I had no idea- I just popped over for a visit. Reminds me to get my beautiful nest ready for holiday display also!!

    Such a tragedy- the whole world is mourning right now-- we will never know the answer to so many questions--

  13. nice post
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