Tuesday, 12 February 2013

My Valentine to you!

Be my Valentine?

Sending you a delicious strawberry tart from my local patisserie!


  1. I love the look of that strawberry tart!I'm a regular visitor to your craft blog and just found this by chance!Now following.

  2. Happy Wordless Wednesday!
    would be great if you can visit and link up at my blog.
    Have a great Wednesday.

  3. What an interesting blog - that tart looks good too! I used to live in Normandy and I so miss it!

  4. Beautiful photos of yummy things. I'm glad to see the daffodils in your header. Spring is on the way and that always makes me feel good. Happy Heart Day to you! I could eat the tart. xo Jenny

  5. Oooooooo how delightful! I love the treat and the dish. Yum!

    This is the perfect Wordless Wednesday post.


  6. Oh Maggie, I want a French Patisserie onmy street!! Um, rethinking that wish, I would have to walk extra miles every day...........to work off the calories!!!!

    Hope all is well there - I'm trying to catch up now I've been home a week+ - such an awesome trip.

    Hugs - Mary

  7. O how I wish I had a place to buy such a tart, it looks so yummy! I am a newer reader and follower of your blog (if I've already left a comment containing this info, I'm sorry ... I've been preoccupied and may have mentioned that previously) and I will be visiting your blog so I can do some catch-up reading of prior posts.

  8. Maggie, that tart is making my mouth water. It's almost too pretty to eat - I'm sure you noticed that I said "almost". What a precious V'tine card. Thank you so much for linking to my party. Happy Valentine's Day! laurie

  9. Mmm. Maggie, that's a delicious looking pastry. Perfect for Valentine's Day. Too bad such a patisserie doesn't exist here.
    Happy Valentine's Day.

  10. A splendid Valentine for us all! Happy Day to you!

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    );;;\¨ ¨◄ƒ░(░░)\______//

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  12. I'm a tad late with my wishes, but they are heartfelt all the same. Sending hugs and love across the pond to special friends. Your tart looks delicious! Hugs ~ Sarah

  13. That tart makes me want to rush to the kitchen and start baking so they will be cooled by dinnertime!

  14. I'm imagining the custard underneath the strawberry in the tart - soooo good!

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  16. Hello Maggie
    I know just what your strawberry tart tastes like - delicious.
    Thank you soooo yummie!!!
    I'm sure you had an enjoyable St Valentine's Day.
    Shane ♥

  17. Just stumbled upon your blog whilst looking out for creative types in Normandy! I was supposed to be visiting my own idyll this past weekend but a chest infection has laid me low (boohiss) so had to cancel...I am dribbling suitably at the tarte aux fraises & hoping to be sitting in my atelier next week with cafe/calva, tarte & husband. Loving your creativity & will continue to follow. Bonne printemps :)
    Jeanie Marsh

  18. Maggie- such a beautiful tart! What a wonderful way to celebrate a special day!



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