Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Here Come The Girls......................

here come the girls!
It's official Spring has arrived at last. I know this because the girls are back in the field next to our home!!

Theoretically they're not really back at all.
The 2012 heifers went on to become mums and with their babies went to live somewhere else. These lovely young things have that event to look forward to. In the meantime they are settling into their new abode and delighting us with their company.

The view from my bedroom window today at 9.00 am.


  1. We once lived, for three years, in a lovely house that overlooked such a field in Germany. While I loved to see the 'girls' I didn't love the flies that they brought with them!

  2. Oh Maggie - I wish I had that view from my window - just lovely. Cows are, for the most part, docile and peaceable...........and your 'girls' are pretty too!

    Certainly appears Spring has sprung in Normandy - look at that lush green grass. I think it will be a very good year for cheese and cream!!!!

    Happy week dear friend - hope all is well there.

    Hugs - Mary

  3. Oh, how sweet they are. Such a peaceful scene.

  4. What a bucolic scene - like something from a Thomas Hardy novel (poor Tess). All is looking so lush and green and I'm sure the girls will be enjoying their stay in your neighbourhood.

  5. Hi Maggie!
    Oh, what lovely green!
    Can you hear them mooing? I'd love that!

  6. How wonderful! I love that you have cows so close at hand! They're so peaceful. Good cow vibes. Oh, I do like Normandy, especially through your eyes!


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