Sunday 8 September 2013

Autumn days

Autumn has arrived in Normandy bringing chilly mornings, stunning sunrises, falling leaves and the last of the potager's bounty. 

Hedgerows along the lanes are laden with blackberries just waiting for me to transform them into bramble jelly.

That is if we don't eat them all as we pick, risking scratched hands and staining our mouths and fingers with the rich red juice to savor their sweetness.
If I do manage to bring some home then I have found the perfect recipe to try on BBC Food website.
Click here if you'd like to try it yourself.

Later on this week the Senior Partner and I will be leaving on a trip to the fabled Greek Island of Kos, where according to Greek mythology  Hercules, son of Zeus, took refuge after losing most of his fleet on the journey back from Troy.
We have anticipated returning to Greece for many years, a vacation to celebrate the SP's well earned retirement.

When not communing with the Gods on Mount Olympus we'll spend our days lazing by the infinity pool, being pampered in the Spa and enjoying delicious Greek specialties in one of three of the Michelangelo Hotel's restaurants.

I've heard that wifi at the hotel is very hit and miss, I'll try and post some photographs of the stunning scenery and the blue Aegean sea but in case I can't this is what it looks like!

infinity pool - Michelangelo Hotel & Spa, Kos, from the hotel's website.

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  1. Yay! Good for you, Maggie! That's going to be lovely! The images are incredible! Have fun!

  2. Beautiful images of home and abroad, Maggie. I'd love to sit near an infinity pool to gaze at the blue sky and bluer water - enjoy it enough, please, for all of us!! Congratulations to the SP on his well-earned retirement. Perhaps you will wander this far now that there may be more time. There is a bed and bath and Pondside!

  3. I wish you a wonderful time in Kos. Hopefully you can show some photo's now and then.That blue water looks stunning.

  4. Oh, how wonderful that blue water is. Infinity pools are so beautiful.
    But there is beauty in the autumn photo in your header, too, with the spiderwebs glistening. Have a wonderful trip, Maggie. Looking forward to hearing all about it.

  5. I'm looking forward to seeing your photos of Greece and imagining you making that jam. How tasty!

    My herbs are nearing their end but Rick's potager is still going. The broccoli is coming along and we expect tomatoes for another few weeks if the weather cooperates. More carrots and radishes to come, too. But it is coming to a close all too soon. I'll miss it!

  6. oh my goodness that looks so lovely. I wish I was going with you but I suspect you don't need me to have a good time.

  7. Your vacation sounds like it's going to be wonderful!! Can't wait to see your pictures. I'll have to hop over to see the recipe you are thinking to make with the blackberries. Yum.

  8. Best wishes for a fabulous time. Will be thinking about you with that view in mind. Travel safely!

  9. Wow. What a holiday. We did not kick off our retirements in such grand styles. You have a wonderful time and we do expect great photos and stories when you get home.

  10. I'm glad to see you back, it's been awhile. Beautiful veggies. Bon voyage!

  11. Your veggies and berries are beautiful, lovely scenes! Enjoy your vacation, sounds wonderful. Have a happy week!

  12. Oh my goodness..I have been looking for your blog for some time now! I had the RSS feed on my old computer, and never transferred them over, so was missing some of my "old friends"! You had had a hotel on the English coast we had emailed about a few years ago...ring a bell? Anyway, I'm glad to have found you again, and will follow now! Have a fabulous time in Greece: oh that pool!!!

  13. Well huge congratulations to that dear man on his well earned retirement............and that island of Kos will be such a beautiful place to relax and just 'be' for a while.

    Love your new header photo Maggie - Nature's perfect imperfection at Summer's end. We seem to have more spiders and webs than I can ever recall this year - I was even out in the gazebo today knocking them down with towel before setting up our supper alfresco!

    Hope to see you posting from Greece if possible.

    Bon voyage - hugs, Mary

  14. Well girlfriend---- I'm SO jealous!! I hope you have a most wonderful trip and will be so anxious to see photos that you share later :)


  15. Haven't visited you in a while, Maggie. Love your fall photos..wish we'd get a touch of it in Florida!
    Have a great vacation...oh my! that infinity pool!

  16. Hello dear Maggie
    I love your Autumn post and your beautiful header of seed heads!
    Bramble Jelly - how comforting that sounds - one of Beatrix Potter's characters made it and now I can't remember which one!

    My daughter lives in Burgundy and she is doing much the same as you - the kitchen garden has finished producing and they are putting their gardens to bed for the winter ahead.

    A Greek island is just what you need before hunkering down for the months ahead!

    Much love
    Shane x

  17. Somehow I missed this post. ;-)
    Glad you two had a terrific time. That infinity pool is the best example of infinity around.


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