Wednesday, 1 January 2014

A very wet New Year's Day

As I mentioned in yesterday's post it is a tradition that the family Bryant's New Year's Day walk is taken on one of Normandy's famous beaches.
2014 dawned wet, blustery and cold but were we faint hearted?
Well, I was but despite having to drive through a river which crossed the road on it's way to the flooded fields beyond.....

....the howling wind and rain and the incoming high tide, the SP prevailed and the tradition was upheld.

As we drove along the front we spotted a very strange sight, people were in the sea! Canoeing?
I jumped out to take a closer look. These four crazy guys were walking through the waves, using paddles to keep themselves up right. Another family's New Year's Day tradition, perhaps?

After parking the car we met a gentleman and his dog just returning from their walk, Fleur was in a mood to socialize and behaved very well.

When we finally made it through the dunes and on to the beach it was deserted.

Time for Fleur to take her first dip in la Manche (English Channel).

Heading back to the car we met more dogs out walking their people.

As always when I leave this beach I say a silent prayer for all the men who lost their lives here, almost 70 years ago.

We remain forever grateful to them for the sacrifice they made for our freedom and never take this special place for granted.

Bonne année à tous !


  1. Bonne Année, to you and the SP.
    Love seeing the beach photos. Miss Sadie took me on our usual walk in the neighborhood. Will take a longer walk on the trail later today.
    Hugs across the miles……S

  2. Fleur is very handsome! What a lovely post,Maggie!

  3. The grass is always greener, but boy, I'd trade oour frigid cold for your wet right now! I like your tradition and how lovely to be lose enough to Omaha Beach to walk there.

    Happy New Year, Maggie!

  4. Happy New Year Maggie, a nice tradition of yours to walk on Omaha.
    Very wet and blustery here too.

  5. Bonne année et bonne santé!

    It looks like you're off to a beautiful start to the new year. Your prayers are so thoughtful and much appreciated.

  6. Oh that's a lovely tradition Maggie!
    We've walked those Normandy beaches on one of our many trips to France - my husband is very keen on war history.

    Wishing you and yours "Health, Happiness and JOY in 2014".
    Shane XOX

  7. A great way to start the new year, Maggie, the fresh sea air, a brisk walk, and a good dog.

  8. i love your idea of the day book entries. The days of winter go by so slowly that I have no inspiration to post. It was -40C this morning and -45 with the wind chill. I loved the series Call the Midwife and am reading the 1st book of the series now. I always enjoy seeing your spring daffodils Maggie. Take care!


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