Sunday, 9 March 2014

news from the Presbytere

I know that I've been awol (again) for some time but there's not been a lot going on around here that I consider to be "blogworthy".

the office get's emptied

into the dining room

The renovations continue but in fits and starts, no one room seems to be completely done and whilst one room is being worked on all the furniture etc. from there get's moved to another and you can never find anything or else you have to climb over or squeeze past something or other!

and into the new decorated and floored sitting room
About the only things that have remained constant are the daffodils which once again are magnificent (if I do say so myself, do you like the new blog header photo?).
my favourite miniature Cornish daffodils

Our walks on the beach are turning into an almost weekly occurrence this year.

The weather this weekend has been glorious, blue skies and sunshine, it's really been quite hot for Normandy!

So, this is all the latest from the Presbytere, I hope you enjoyed stopping by and I promise to try and get back here again soon.
à bien·tôt


  1. The header is gorgeous, Maggie!
    I've missed you - but then I've also been h'ors de combat......too tedious to recount, but little by little I'm catching up.
    Pondside is looking a little like the Presbytere as we ready rooms. We hope to put it on the market this spring. The end of an era, and the beginning of another.

  2. ....and my cottage looks similar, office upstairs piled into guest room and side attics storage spaces, master bedroom downstairs half in living room the rest tomorrow heading for the dining room or out on the porch when the carpet installers come! I'm ready to scream - can't find anything and, like you, climbing over stuff everywhere. Oh well, after tomorrow hopefully I can start putting it all straight again AND starting some major Spring (it will come!) cleaning.

    Yes, love the daffodil header Maggie - they really brighten up the garden after the dreary Winter.

    Hope to see you here on your blog more - miss you when you're gone. Love the beach walking pics too!

    Hugs - Mary

  3. What a delight to see your post pop up on the sidebar, Maggie. Love the new header. The daffodils here are a welcome bit of sunshine. It's been cold and wet, and not much cheerfulness in the garden. Reading Pondsy and Mary recount similar notes about the projects at home, I've none of that, but I am into major cleaning out of closets. A huge car load went to the thrift last Monday. ;-)
    I miss it when you don't post, so it makes me smile to catch up with you. I need t sit down and write a long email. Soon I hope!
    Hugs to you and R.

  4. Aw! The beach! I love it and I thank you for the gorgeous glimpses.

  5. Oh. Miss Maggie! We've all lived like this at one time or another. Sometimes the funny ways we have to adapt make for good stories on our blogs. Our kitchen remodel took 4 months and I washed dishes in the bathroom sink! lol!

    I would take a beach walk everyday! In the summer at the lake I like to sit on a blanket in the morning and have a few cups of coffee from my neat little traveling carafe and just watch the fish jump! Peace to have and hold and remember.

    We are doing a little redo of the living room, it's not a mess now, just missing tables so there is nowhere to set you beverage or book, etc. Delivery is Thursday. Looking at a website and then seeing it all in your room is very unsettling. Send some good thoughts my way!!


    P.S. Carry your camera or cell in your pocket. I take several pictures a day and they always sequentially make a story!

  6. You new blog header greeted me first thing when I opened this post. So delightful to see you pop up in my reader again.
    Renovations and refurbishments can turn one's life topsy turvy for awhile. I do love the wide open beaches that you walk along.

  7. Your daffs are splendid -- and such a sight for sore snowy eyes. We wonder if we'll ever see spring -- the thought of green grass or brown earth -- much less flowers -- seems like a dream. As do walks on the beach. It looks as though you're busy with lots of projects and that's a good thing. Do they ever stop? I think not!

  8. We just finished painting, so our house is still in disarray, but honk about nice yours will look when the work is finished. Our daffodils are still sleeping, so I will enjoy yours. Hope to see you soon again.

  9. That is such a pretty daffodil Maggie!
    The Normandy beaches are a wonderful venue for walking. We had a flying visit through there on our way to our daughter's, a few years back.
    We have so much to do in our house - it's a daunting prospect!!!
    Enjoy the beginning of Spring in your neck of the woods!

  10. Dearest Maggie- your renovations are so beautiful -- I'd love to tiptoe into every room of your beautiful home-- it must be so rewarding to be enjoying your lovely new rooms.

    That beach is so glorious-- every photo- in every weather. What a wonderful place to walk--

  11. That daffodil is pretty Maggie. Thanks for popping on to my blog. Your comment has cheered me up.
    Good luck with your renovations.

  12. Hi Maggie, I am very partial to daffodils, being Welsh born, LOL I'm just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

  13. It's good you have the beach walks in amongst all the renovations. The upheaval can be quite stressful. Best wishes, Tammy


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