Friday, 23 May 2014

Chatsworth House is in the pink

This weekend Beverly @How Sweet the Sound is celebrating 6 years of Pink Saturdays!
Congratulations, Beverly.

Although it has been a long while since I joined in the pink party "ness" Beverly never-the-less invited me to her party and I have just the perfect thing for show and tell this week.

Magenta is the new pink.

Martin Craig-Martin, a former teacher at Goldsmith's College in London is currently exhibiting some of his sculptures in the grounds of Chatsworth House  one of these is a giant high heel shoe, it's pink of course!

Inside the house he has also covered some of the plinths, on which the marble and mosaic sculptures rest, in magenta, too. They are quite striking and our guide told us that they take some getting used to. He wasn't a fan of them, personally.

The Chatsworth lions were commissioned by the 6th Duke of Devonshire in 1823. The sleeping lion was made by Rinaldo Rinaldi; the crouching lion by Francesco Benaglia after the famous lions made by Antonia Canova for the Rezzonico Monument in St Peters, Rome.
The Chatsworth lions each weigh 3.5 tonnes!

If you're feeling in the pink yourself why not pop over to How Sweet the Sound 
to see who else is partying and wish Beverly a very Happy Birthday.
 I'm sure she'll be very happy to see you.


  1. I'm not sure about all that magenta around the old monuments and statues - a bit jarring - but it means that a place like Chatsworth is being used and visited and kept firmly in the 21st century.

  2. Perfect timing for your beautiful pink -- and amazing art! Sounds like you visited at a good time. I don't have a Pink Sat post because in all of the quilts I posted in my post today -- not a single bit of pink shows! I'll stop by and wish Beverly a happy anniversary, though!

  3. How interesting to see statues enjoying the pinks.

  4. Beautiful sculptures, and whoever thought of displaying them on that jewel-toned fuchsia is genius. They literally come to life.
    Happy pinks!

  5. The magenta-wrapped plinths are interesting, but I think I concur with the caretaker in preferring the stone. Still, it's fun to see something different.

  6. I rather like the magenta plinths, they seem to anchor the beautiful sculptures and draw the eye immediately to what is sitting/lying on them. Although I'm a neutral gal, I have to say a mass of pale statuary sometimes gets lost - these really pop. I like it!

    Yes dear, you guessed correctly regarding my blogging visitor - she, and 'The Husband', will be spending some fun time together with us today. They are making their way west to the mountains where we had the good fortune to meet once before in Asheville.

    More later on our visit………….
    Mary x

    P.S. Yes, will miss catching up with you yet again. Our June UK time is just a few days in Bath and London at the end of a cruise!

  7. Didn't the sculptures leave your breathless?

  8. Maggie, it's been many years since I've been to Chatsworth House. And I don't recall the pink. '-)
    Happy Birthday, Pink Saturday. Perfect post to share in celebration.

  9. I cannot even create a semblance of realistic art on paper - imagine doing so in such exquisite form on stone. Amazing talent this artist possesses! WOW! Thank you for sharing such beauty.

    Normandy - lucky lady, such a beautiful area of France.

  10. I rather like the pink plinths they make the sculptures stand out really well - and as you say great for joining in with the Pink Saturday fun!

  11. Beautiful statues! Happy Pink Saturday!

  12. A very interesting pink post! I wish you a wonderful HPS and you have a good week. The art was looking perfect in pink!

  13. Oh my gosh! Pink is my favorite color. I love the idea of a day dedicated to pink!


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