Sunday, 1 June 2014

Bringing the potager back to life

May was a funny old month weather wise, cold and wet for the most part and not conducive to working outdoors in my potager garden or even to sowing seeds in pots ready for warmer days to arrive.
However, the last day of May dawned warm and sunny and my thoughts turned to all things veggie, a trip to the garden centre was called for.

After a leisurely breakfast (it was a Saturday after all) and good long walk for M'selle Fleur we headed down to the Jardin 'Elle for some retail therapy of the plant variety.

As you'll already be aware, I'm sure, in a few short days from now here in Normandy we will be celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the D Day landings and everywhere one looks you can see preparations being made to welcome the veterans and their families at this special time.
Even the gardeners at Jardin d'Elle are not immune it seems!

The Senior Partner grabbed a trolley and we headed for the "potager" section of this vast place. Despite his "so called" aversion to anything that looks or sounds like a courgette Mr B was soon pointing out varieties of both zucchini and squash for us to try and very soon we had quite a collection of both.

We also stocked up with lettuce seedlings and pots of herbs: thyme, lemon thyme and wonderful basil.

I can't visit Jardin d'Elle without wandering around the outdoor spaces and I always linger amongst the roses.

Meanwhile Mr B was tired from all the decision making and decided to rest awhile in this very comfortable looking swing seat.

Happy Birthday, sweetie. 67 today!
Back home I couldn't wait to get started and began planting out whilst Mr B got on with cutting the grass.

These are the best gardening shoes ever, Mary Jane Crocs, they laugh in the face of unwieldy hosepipes!

After all the hard labour neither of us could face making dinner so there was only one solution, pizza!

A takeaway treat that recently became available to us when a couple of entrepreneurs opened up this "pizza hut" in their front garden just a 5 minute drive away from here.

Pizza Hut - Normandy style

bon dimanche a tous.....................................
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  1. Nothing like a trip to the garden center to refresh the spirit. I must get the Mary Jane crocks. Have fun planting.

  2. Beautiful photos! Isn't it great to be outdoors and to have the chance to dig in the dirt. In early spring I find that I use muscles that don't get used in the winter months and it feels so good (and hurts so bad). Enjoy your garden time.

  3. I just LOVE that these guys opened a Pizza hut in their garden! That is SO wonderful!

    Rick has more of a potager than I do -- peas and tomatoes and berries and brussel sprouts and such. I have mostly herbs. But I love going to the garden center and always end up with more stuff than there is a spot to plant! Most of mine is in pots. I think yours is great! I love your new template with the big pix and the photos of the garden store are just fabulous!

  4. Oh, Happy, Happy Birthday to the senior partner. Give him a big TX hug for me.
    Love the MJ crocks, Maggie. I need to look for a pair of those. Good luck with the gardening. I know it will be lush in no time soon with your green thumb. Sending lots of love your way……S

  5. Looks like such a nice nursery to purchase plants at. Love all the color...I just love shopping for flowers. Beautiful!
    Miss Bloomers

  6. What a lovely very entrepreneurial of your neighbours! Loving the look of that potager!

  7. Maggie - Thanks for your story telling photos! I had the same need to go to the gardening store this weekend and bought lots of perennials to fill in the gaps in my garden, which had seen no weeding for 2 years... I started veg and annuals indoors this year for the first time but, thanks to a very long winter, it just became warm enough at night to put them in the ground. Love to you both!

  8. It looks like you had a really fun day, and I would have ended it the same way - pizza!

  9. What a fun post, Maggie!
    I loved touring your garden center.
    Happy birthday to your hubby!
    I like your CROCS! I have the same pair!
    Take care, good gardener!

  10. Maggie, a wonderful post. A Happy Belated Birthday to Roger. All best and love to you both

  11. Happy gardening days ahead! A trip to the garden center is always inspirational. Then comes the work. How fun to have a local pizzeria so close by.
    Happy Monday to you.

  12. This post was such a treat, from the garden to the delicious looking pizza! And I'm going to be on the lookout for the Crocs! We are behind schedule here as well with the cold and rain we've been having. Still, on my trips to the nursery, I have to wear blinders, I LOVE everything that grows!!


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